Making Money Online

Making Money Online


Looks like I need to desperately update this page concerning Squidoo, Bubblews and One Week Marketing (See my previous page: Writing For Pay).

MakeMoneyOnlineShort, sweet and to the point;

The best way to “Make Money Online” is to create your own product.  It can be writing books as I have mine listed below, a training video series, a class-like membership site, etc. and I could go on but you get the idea. 



MonnaEllithorpe-Author-BooksAuthor / Writer – 5 books published on – I have always written since I was a little girl but never in my dreams did I believe that I would actually have a book published.  I may not be a best-selling author but nonetheless, I am a writer and I have sold and continue to sell my books.  I have a couple of more books in the works and hope to have them ready to be released soon.


My latest book release is:  Your Guide to Leaving Your Internet Legacy – which is available in paperback or Kindle version.


If you are a writer or have dreamed of having your work published, self-publishing on Amazon makes it possible for almost everyone. Do you have a manuscript already written, a book of poems or an instructional book?  Contact me and we can see about getting your work published too.



A new “Signature Product” that has just been released by Lynn Terry is Social Marketing Results  -(SMR) – Lynn has been and still is a blogger, super affiliate marketer and a whiz with social media.  She finally came out with her very own product which teaches you the “Correct Way” to work with social media.


I’ve been a big fan of Lynn’s for about 10 years and she is also one of my “GO TO” people for information that I know I can count on to be honest, above board and her techniques will truly work, if you apply them.




Sponsored TweetsThis is another site that I have earned money with (actually withdrew the cash).  You set up your account and advertisers will send you opportunities to tweet to your Twitter account followers.  I always make sure what the tweet is about before I accept.  I don’t want my name associated with something on the internet that I do not believe in and you shouldn’t either.  You won’t get rich here either but it is another stream of income that only takes a few minutes of your time.  You will also earn if you refer someone.



inboxdollarsInbox Dollars – I’ve been a member of this site for a while and I have actually received money from them.  They do have a $30 threshold  meaning your account has to get to $30 before you can request payment.


You can either go to the site each day and click on some paid emails or take surveys and get paid or have them sent to your email inbox.  I don’t always do the surveys due to time restrictions but it may not be a problem for you.  Just be sure to read the terms on the surveys. Some of them will cause you to end up getting unwanted emails galore that you don’t want.  I just back away from those and move on.


There are many other ways to make money on the internet. The main thing is to decide on what you like to do, what you are best at and if there is a market for it and “focus.”