Learning Affiliate Marketing

Learning Affiliate Marketing


Learning Affiliate MarketingWhat a challenging business; Learning Affiliate Marketing, status post Google’s updates of “Panda, Penguin 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and Google Hummingbird.” 


In February of 2011, Google started out with their Panda update and continued on in order to try and decrease the favored search engine results of “black hat marketers” but unfortunately some good affiliate marketers got axed, along with the bad ones.


We used to be able to put up a website or a blog, add some content and the item to sell and as long as you had done your keyword research and tried to drill down to a specific niche then it was a great.  Your site would rank well on the search engines and after a while sales would start coming in.  Easy as pie, very exciting and fun.


Fast forward to affiliate marketing in 2014 and you will find a whole different ball game out there.  Thanks to many unscrupulous marketers out there, it is now difficult for affiliate marketers to know exactly what Google wants and how to be able to rank in the search engines.  Many sites that were making a good living for people have lost their sought after Page #1 place and are lucky if they show up on Page #100 of Google.


While affiliate marketing is still a viable way to earn online, there are adjustments that need to be made and beware of the ones out there who are still telling you that you can put up a site, add some content with some automation tool and just watch the money roll in.




There are some affiliate marketing guides that were written before Google began it’s “animal updates” that continue to hold valuable information.  These guides were written by affiliate marketers who were teaching how to do it the right way.  The basic core of these guides will continue to work today but you will have to adapt to some new methods and new Google rules.


Two guides that come to mind are: One Week Marketing by Pot Pie Girl and Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. 


Is One Week Marketing Guide Right For You? UPDATE 12/15/2014 – One Week Marketing is currently closed to new members as they do upgrades and updates.

Super Affiliate Handbook