Blogging & Advertising Platforms

Blogging and Advertising Platforms


Blogging and Advertising Platforms-ibotoolboxThere are many types of blogging and advertising platforms online to use in your business.  Many are good in their own way but not appropriate for every online business.


It is important that you take your time, do some testing and see which platform and/or community will work for you.  For example, as a writer if I were to use IBOToolbox for writing, I doubt that I would get much recognition or traffic to my blog.  IBOToolbox is well known for being a marketing and advertising platform.


I could make it work for me when I “Market and Promote” the books that I have written, especially if they are instruction books about marketing and promoting.


Consider this when using free and/or plaid blogging platforms; there is always the chance that the site can be removed and not rank well in the search engines.  Depending on the terms of the site, you may lose ownership of your content.  This is NOT anything that you want to happen.  You want to keep total control of your own content and present it where you see the best benefit to your readers and to yourself.


As I mentioned earlier I use IBOToolbox because there are many directions that you can go by using IBOToolbox from blogging to earning ad credits for being active on the site.  An alternative to YouTube is their IBOTube, IBOGigs (like Fiverr) and IBOExchange (traffic exchange).  Oh and one more thing I almost forgot to mention is that they have a link shortening service that is also free of charge.



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