Kindle Version Should Come First1I’m in the process of proofreading and formatting the first book for a new writer, Alicia Osmera.  I’ve proofread, formatted and published quite a few paperback books through CreateSpace and for Kindle through Kindle Direct Publishing before this but with this book, I decided to do some research since we all know how fast things change online. I always want to provide the best service and do my best work for my clients.  It came to me that maybe I should publish the Kindle version first this time instead of the paperback version; Kindle Version Should Come First


The reason for this, we all know how much faster it is to purchase, receive and start reading your Kindle E-Book. Kindle books are most generally reasonably priced and definitely an “impulse buy.”  So after doing my research, I believe I am going to advise my client(s) that we should publish their Kindle versions first and I will be doing the same for my future books. 


Kindle versions of electronic books can be edited and approved most of the time within 24 hours.  If you see a mistake or decide you want something changed (book cover, title, dedication, etc.) make your changes, upload the file again and usually in my experience, the changes will be approved in a matter of a few hours.  


Just a side note: Your electronic books can also be uploaded to other places and to name a few are; Barnes & Noble (non.aff.), KOBO (non.aff.), Smashwords (aff.)   

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A while before the release of your electronic book, start making posts on the social sites about the release of your book.  If I have been working with you to proofread and format your book, I will also do advertising for you.  It is best that you have your book cover ready to advertise with so people will be looking out for the “Big Day” and recognize your book cover and photo.  


You may want to consider giving away a few copies of your book in exchange for reviews of your book, which will also help in terms of your branding and get written testimonials from the early readers. 


Once you have your book written, proofread, formatted and a cover created for your book, uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and you are waiting for the final approval from Amazon, step up the pace a little on advertising your book, pending release in a few days.   


Putting your efforts into Kindle at first, shouldn’t stop you from also getting the book ready for Amazon’s CreateSpace.  Basically, the only thing you have to do for the paperback version and this is optional, is to add the page numbers at the bottom of each page, check your margins, make sure your photos are saved to at least 300 DPI (I use 400 DPI) and submit.  


This will take just a little longer, especially if you order a “Proof Copy” of your book.  It’s very affordable and you actually have a physical item in your hand to go over and see if there are any errors or changes that might need to be made.  Any corrections can be made through KDP and CreateSpace and wait for approval again and you are on your way to letting your readers know that your book is now available.


I really enjoy working with people, especially new writers getting their first manuscript proofread, formatted and discussing an advertising strategy to get the word out just before the “release” of their first book.  


I wonder at times, just like I did years ago if there are people out there who secretly think of one day writing a book but you have doubts, fears and misgivings and so far nothing has been written?  


There are so many books online that you can read that may give you the confidence you need to begin writing your book.  One of my first books was a collection of stories that I had written over a few years after the death of my husband.  It’s not a best-seller but it does sell.  


Did you know that Stephen King wrote a book “On Writing?”  Yep, the same Stephen King that has the marvelous ability to scare the bejeebers out of us with his books and then the movies. Take a look through Amazon.  Stephen King has written so many books that I have never heard of.  Other books by Stephen King; The Master of Horror


Have you got some juicy stories you could tell about the family?  Write under a “pen name” and change the names, etc.  Even if you didn’t tell a soul you wrote the book, you might find it beneficial by getting the secrets out of your head. 


Take a few minutes and email me at: and let’s talk about your dream of writing a book.  There is no charge whatsoever for a short 30-minute consultation.  What can it hurt and you may finally get a book ready for publishing?


Maybe you know someone who would like to have their book published, send them my way, I’d love to meet them.  



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Kindle Version Should Come First