I had the honor of guest posting on the Power Affiliate Club site on Friday, July 18, 2014,
so I thought I would expand on that post a little bit more.  
It’s been a long time since I made this post, so I thought I would resurrect it since the Power Affiliate Club is growing so much. Join A Community That is Your One-Stop Place
The five points that I recommended in that post; Give Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are were: 
1.  Be yourself.
If you are not true to yourself, then you are not being yourself and eventually it will show through and people will not have gotten to know the “real you.”  It’s sort of like a lie; eventually the lies get to be too many and you cannot keep them straight. It’s much easier to be yourself so you don’t have to remember who you pretended to be.
BeYourselfandJointheKLTCrusade2.  Share your knowledge openly and freely.
Each and everyone of us has some kind of knowledge that we can share with others.  Maybe you know one thing different than someone else and that person can also share their knowledge of something you may not know.  Our PAC (Power Affiliate Club) site is a perfect example of this. Each one of us has something different to offer and therefore we have created a site to serve everyone. 
3.  Let your personality come through in your blog by design and layout.
What does your site look like?  Do you like it? It is something you would have chosen or did someone tell you to make it that way because it would have better SEO for the search engines?  Take a good long look and then write a list of what YOU want to change to make your site YOURS.  Let your style of design, color, personality and interests show in the way your blog looks and in the way you write.
4.  Share your talents with others.
Lesly-Federici-monnaellithorpe-testimonialThink about what you do during a day online.  There is something or many things that you do that people need and want; now what is it?  For example, I’m good at making a transparent or a white background on a profile photo to make it look more professional.  Are you good at making Power Point presentations? (I’m not, so I will have to learn or have someone do it for me).  What about videos?  Do you know how to make them to get more exposure for branding yourself.  There are ways to make perfectly good videos and you don’t have to be in front of the camera. Do you need to find someone with that knowledge?  I very highly recommend Lesly Federici at Video Voice Mentor to help you with all of your video needs.  
5.  Every day do something good for someone without expecting anything in return.
Whether you do it online or off line; give someone a smile, say good morning, acknowledge their post, share their post.  No one likes to be left out or ignored.  You may just make the day for that person and I know it will make you feel good to have done something nice for someone.  http://monnaellithorpe.com/how-you-made-them-feel 
So you ask, “What has all of this got to do with Give Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are?”  It has everything to do with Self-Branding
If you are not being true to yourself and continue to present yourself as something you are not and working so hard at being this other person, then you are defeating the purpose of self-branding.  #KLT is not going to be in your future. 
Do you know what #KLT is?  It is “#Know, Like and Trust.”  If you aren’t being yourself, then you aren’t self-branding and you are not creating “#KLT” with your readers or followers.  
There is enough distrust and evil in the world as it is.  One by one we can all make a conscious effort to change the reputation of working and marketing in the online world.  Sounds like something Mary Poppins would say, Huh?  
Okay, time to get to work on making this site truly mine and what I am all about, so I can focus on giving you, my readers and followers the best information I can.  

What is a monster to you? An angel? Put them in the same scene. Provided by: Writing.com



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