It doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger or an experienced blogger, at some point you will realize there are great benefits when you “Join A Community That Is Your One-Stop Place.”

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The Community that I recommend very highly is “The Power Affiliate Club.”

Lesly Federici
and I after having a short conversation about affiliate marketing sometimes being frustrating when you lose commissions after working so hard; Lesly took the idea and ran with it and from that short conversation, “The Power Affiliate Club” was born.

The Power Affiliate Club Consists Of:

1.  The main site;  The Power Affiliate Club

2.  The Power Affiliate Club (PAC) Facebook Fan Page

3.  The PAC Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community Facebook Group.

4.  PAC Expert Authors (Closed Facebook Group. Membership in PAC required to have access to this section and be an Expert Author.)

5.  PAC Fan Page Syndication Facebook Group where we visit members fan pages; like, comment and share.  

6.  PAC 5% Club – An intense focus group with the goals to get more focused and achieve more through accountability. (Membership in PAC required to have access to this section.)

7.  PAC Gigs – Our members have posted what their services are and somewhat like other sites, members have posted something they will do, such as make a short video, set up a blog, create a banner, etc. for $5.00. 

8.  PAC Affiliate School and Education is still in progress but will be completely live soon.  

9.  PAC Blog Sharing and Commenting.  Each week a member’s name is listed on the spreadsheet with three or four other members.  Your mission for the week is to visit, comment and share on the blogs in your color block and mandatory to visit the main PAC Blog and read the post from one of the expert authors, along with the extra perks of extra traffic to the members who won Top Author Commentator, Top Member Commentator, Spotlight Member of the Week and a free ad spot on the main blog for the member who brings in the most new members to our PAC Community.   


“Something that you will find in the PAC Group” are activities designed especially for the PAC member to learn from others, teach others and by all means, we promote each other.  On a certain day you are permitted to post about your opportunity but you are “NOT” allowed to approach another member.  If someone is interested in your opportunity, they will come to you.  


The Power Affiliate Club Community is growing much faster than we could ever anticipate and we couldn’t be happier.  


Come to the PAC Community with the mindset of sharing and promoting others and you will succeed in so many ways; personally, emotionally and professionally.  



We strive to make the PAC Community your safe haven online.  We are there to support you, guide you, advise and celebrate when you have overcome another hurdle.   


On June 22, 2015 we restarted the PAC Fan Page Blitz which was a 5-day challenge.  We had some incredible results for members who were struggling to gain followers.  We plan to take a week off and we will start another PAC Fan Page Blitz 5-day Challenge on July 6, 2015.  


Joining communities can be a great way to advertise your blog and drive traffic to it, but I will almost guarantee you will not find a better Community than the PAC Community.   


We have an awesome group of people and each member has their own interests and businesses but we do have the one important thing in common.; We All love our PAC Community and we protect it very closely but we also have lots of fun.  


PAC is like a one-stop, find everything you need Community.  


We love to welcome new people who have the same mindset as we do. Check us out and see what you can gain from our great Community.  


If you are curious about PAC, come join us or get in contact with me. Enter your name and email address below and we will keep you updated with PAC information and for the writer and marketer in you.








By all means comment and share your thoughts below.  


Are you already familiar with The Power Affiliate Club?  Tell us about your thoughts and experience with PAC.  We are looking forward to seeing many more new members in PAC. 













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