Is There Money Hidden In Your Computer?


IsThereMoneyHiddenInYourComputer-aDid you ever have so many ideas floating around in your head that you could not sort them out to make a blog post? When I get like that it is absolutely time for a “free writing session” to get everything out on the computer or paper (I use the computer for that). Then I can go back over and more than likely find a topic for my blog post.

Well, it didn’t work this time and I’ve never had that happen before. Plenty of ideas on the screen but nothing specific enough to make a post about. So I decided to read and catch up on my blog post reading and commenting for the week.


I came across Lynn Terry’s post on ClickNewz “Checklist For Organizing Your Digital Files”
Lynn always has great posts and information to bump you in the right direction. It was a post from January; I’m not sure how I missed it but maybe it was meant to be seen at this time for me.

Do you believe in things like that? I definitely do. I was not meant to read Lynn’s post last month, I needed to read it this month, February 2015.

This paragraph in her post really made me sit up and take notice:

You might just be surprised at how much money is hiding on your hard drive! From half-finished products to complete & sell, PLR Content you can use or repurpose, or training material you can implement for quick results. Lynn Terry / ClickNewz 

I decided to take a look and see what I have on my computer and I was amazed at the amount of stuff I have on my hard drive that I could be doing something with instead of just letting it sit there, being shoved further and further in the back as I find new things to try and test out.

I found three products so far… You are more than welcome to obtain free access to them. Enter your name and email below and you will have access to the three products I have ready so far. 

  • Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing (A short story I wrote with no kind of rights to give away, etc.)
  • How To Work With IBOToolbox Effectively Each Day (Resell Rights with some restrictions)
  • “The S.C.R.U.B. Report” (Resell Rights with some restrictions)



    I have plenty more that needs some work done to make it useful to you; my readers but some of it is ready to go right now.

    IsThereMoneyHiddenInYourComputer-bNow, for finding what treasures YOU have hidden on your computer: I suggest that you don’t spend a huge amount of time on doing this because it is a form of “busy work” that does not create any kind of instant income for you but it can in the long run, depending on what you find on your computer and how you present it.

    Take 30 minutes or one hour and start with the folder where your downloads go to. One by one, go through them to see what your options are, such as PLR (Private Label Rights), MRR (Master Resale Rights), GAR (Give Away Rights) and RR (Resell Rights).

    PLR (Private Label Rights): With PLR products you are allowed to buy the product and you are also given the rights to change it. PLR can be considered as if you wrote the material yourself and put your name as the author but sometimes can come with a few restrictions. You should read the information with the product before doing anything.

    MRR (Master Resale Rights): With MRR rights, you can resell the product (again read the licensing agreement that comes with the documents). Your customer will also be able to sell the product to his/her customers. In many cases you are not allowed to change the product details, add your name or remove the author’s name, etc.

    GAR (Give Away Rights): You are ONLY allowed to give this product away for free (as a bonus, as a gift and so on). Read the documents that come with it. Most of the time you cannot resell, sell, edit or change it.

    RR (Resell Rights): You can resell this product to your customer to make a profit but the buyers cannot resell to their customers. You cannot claim yourself as the author, change it or alter the “rights” to this product. Resell Rights products are mainly intended for the buyers use and information only without intent to redistribute.

    Resell Rights Weekly is a great place to get PLR and MRR material if you don’t already have a collection started.. 

    Once you determine what kind of rights are allowed with the material or product you have, then you will need to decide how you want to deliver that product to your reader. This is a perfect method for starting to build your email list. Offer valuable content on your blog and when they subscribe to get your free give away, you have started building your list.

    Do right by them and they will be happy to tell others about you. They are stepping into a KLT (Know, Like and Trust) relationship with you. Don’t let them down or treat them like an ATM machine.

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