Internet Marketing With Smart Goals

As an internet marketer for the last 4 to 5 years, testing and trying out and working with different businesses in order to create passive internetmarketingwithsmartgoalsincome has been my main goal, that will result in me being able to work totally from the internet.  We read, we learn, we download, we create, we think, we write notes, etc. but UNLESS you start internet marketing with smart goals, then you will be pretty much like myself and many others have been for a while; “spinning your wheels.”


Making money has been sporadic for me in the past but then again I also have no one to blame but myself.  I always managed to come up with excuses of why I can or cannot do something.  The main problem is that I did not believe in myself which has affected my success in many more ways than one.


The longer I work on the internet and the closer I am getting to my personal goals and financial goals of being independently working from the internet by June 30, 2012, I’ve realized I’ve been my own worst enemy.  It seems once I set my deadline, things started to fall in place.  I have made myself accountable to everyone that I have told about my goals and I hate to let myself or anyone else down.


internetmarketingwithsmartgoals-1Internet marketing and smart goals are not just words that you throw around and I don’t care how many fancy cars you stand in front of and say “Hey, I’m making a living on the internet.”  You have to do the work, walk the walk and talk the talk; they have to be words you live and breathe in order to get to your personal goals and financial goals.


I have quite a few friends that I value their opinion very much.  Also I’ve realized I do believe in myself and it’s not always necessarily the program you choose, it’s the attitude you have and the mentors you work with;  put this all together, this is what is going to get YOU and I to our independent status that we so richly deserve.


internetmarketingwithsmartgoals-3Creating passive income in internet marketing is the essence of network marketing and affiliate marketing.  If you are not showing yourself as a true leader who believes in yourself, then no one else will either.  As you may or may not know, I am a widow and have had a pretty hard time of it since my husband passed away.  I still miss him dearly but finally realized and in the words of another good friend of mine, “Holli Rovenger,”  I have to “pull my my big girl panties” and get to work towards my personal goals.



As they say “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” especially on the internet.  Passive income from many sources is your goal, along with providing valuable information to your readers and provide it with integrity and honesty to the best of your ability.
The main point I am trying to make is even though I have had this dream of internet marketing and affiliate marketing for a while, it has never quite come together until I started believing in myself and actually taking action in what I have learned over the years.
In return, I would like to help make that dream come true for others who also may be struggling.  I have a few income sources that are working; maybe all would work for you, maybe none or maybe just one. You will never know unless you check them out and/or call me or contact me; Contact Monna
Unless you decide to “pull up your big girl panties or big boy pants” and start taking action, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen.
I hope you have found this post helpful and encouraging.  I would appreciate any shares or tweets you care to spread around.
To Your Success…


Internet Marketing With Smart Goals