IBOToolbox Review

ibotoolbox-banner125x125A while back I mentioned about signing up for the IBOToolbox, so now it’s time to report my IBOToolbox Review.  I just attended another one of the Saturday afternoon webinars that the creator, Paul Williams provides and each and every time I attend one of these webinars, I learn something new about IBOToolbox.

I am sure most all are in agreement that social networking, social media and attraction marketing are the most beneficial ways to get traffic to your site(s) but sometimes you cannot do it alone.  This is where IBOToolbox comes in to lend a helping hand.  The more you socialize with people, create relationships and develop a sense of wanting to help that person, they in turn will feel the same and return the favor of helping you.



In terms of business development, social networking and traffic is the backbone of the internet world, just as it has been offline for hundreds of years before.  People use or buy your service, they like the service they received and therefore they tell others that they know about you and before you know it, people are sharing for you and therefore your traffic starts to increase, thus your sales and business increases..

There are, I suppose some people out there that get the idea in their heads that they only have to “befriend” someone one time, share their service and in turn their service will be advertised by that person and many more times from now on.  It just doesn’t work that way.  It may work for a short time but if you are not consistent in your own advertising and in sharing what your associates are doing, then traffic will soon fall off and so will your income.

I do have to admit, I am still learning about IBOToolbox and have not mastered the use of it as some have, but for a free advertising platform, Paul Williams has created and continues to add to it and is of great benefit to social networking IF YOU USE IT, work with it and contribute.

Once you are signed up and in the site, you can become familiar with the inside of IBOToolbar.  Don’t expect to learn everything at once, because I sure haven’t.  Click here to >>>>> Join me at IBOToolbar   You need to get yourself out there, so why not do it where others can help you with your advertising efforts and you help them with their advertising?; sounds like a win/win situation to me!  They have 2 webinars each week; Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.



You may be wondering “why would I want to join another advertising platform that already has thousands of marketers advertising their businesses too,” well I am going to tell you why;  IBOToolbox is SEO optimized and 96% of the traffic received to the IBO profiles and blogs come from outside of IBOToolbox; meaning Google loves it and your content WILL be seen by thousands of people who are not aware of the power of IBOToolbox advertising yet.

A friend of mine on IBOToolbox by the name of Don Sabelhaushttp://www.ibosocial.com/DonSabelhaus ) has written a guide called; IBOToolBox Primer.  This will help you a lot to learn your way around. Go to Don’s profile link above and you can get the guide.

Social networking as a part of your business development is more vital now than ever before. With the rise in scams and fraudulent activity on the internet, people are very, very cautious or they should be and will contact a person directly before even considering joining their business or program even if it is free.

Click on the link above or below to create your free IBOToolbox account and start getting the branding of your name and your business in the mainstream of the advertising and social networking arena.





IBOToolbox Review