I LOVE Working With New Authors

Terror In The North TowerFor the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the first book for a new author by the name of Alicia Osmera. “Terror In The North Tower”   which will be released on Amazon Kindle on May 28, 2016 but you can submit your name for a pre-order now so you can be one of the first to get this book the day it’s actually live to everyone online.  “I LOVE working with new authors.” 

I really enjoy working with new writers to get their books published and love to have an already published author coming back to me for help with their next project. BG (Brenda) Jenkins has been working on a new book and I will be getting her book ready for self publishing in the near future. 

Working on the manuscripts of these talented authors is awesome for me, as I get to read them “way before” anyone else gets to read them. 

I also have a couple of new books in the outlining process but they will be put on hold until BG’s book is ready to go. 

I’ve talked with many people who say they would love to write a book but they don’t know where to start or how. My last published book “Secrets To Personal Writing For Digital and Paperback Books” goes through some of the ways you can gain confidence in yourself to begin writing and then proceed on to sharing your work with the public.

Secrets To Personal Writing For Digital and Paperback Books“Secrets To Personal Writing For Digital and Paperback Books”  

Table of Contents
Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing
What Does Today Hold For You?
What Are You Thankful For and Why?
Earn and Learn At The Same Time
Wipe The Slate Clean
Decluttering Your Mind
Start Your Own Autobiography
Are You Making Excuses to Procrastinate?
About The Author – Monna Ellithorpe

There are pro’s and con’s to self publishing; Self-Publishing Your Own Book The Pros And Cons but working with me (someone who is experienced already at self-publishing) will save you some time and aggravation in the setting up process, leaving your mind free to develop and create your story. 

There are so many different types of writers and authors online and each one will say they have the “correct answer” to your writing problem. Don’t believe it. Their correct answers may be the one that worked for them but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. YOU have to find out who you are and what your writing style will be. You want to be different from other writers in some way, so people will know who you are and remember who you are.

In the beginning, look for writers that you already enjoy reading their books. What do you have in common with the way they write? Or maybe as a writer yourself, while you like to read their books, your writing may follow a different path. Find a couple of writers and their blogs and start following them in their writing, their marketing and how they interact with their readers and learn from them. Don’t copy them, just learn.

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to keep a journal or a notebook or a recorder with you at all times and to actually use them. This will save you time in so many ways as you begin your writing career. I have created some blank journaling pages that you can download, print and use for your notes and/or ideas. http://ibourl.com/30tk 

That’s it for this week. Please, if you have even the slightest thought of writing a book, short stories, poems or songs, don’t ignore it. Get in touch with me and let’s talk and see how to get your new career started.



Thank you for your visit and please share this post with your associates and friends. Encourage someone you know to write if they have thought about it and ever mentioned it. Have them contact me.

Have a wonderful weekend coming up.