Have You Been Scoping Yet

Periscope is the relatively new social medium that is growing each and every day (Owned by Twitter and launched on March 26, 2015). I tried my first scope sometime last week and I’m sure happy that it disappeared after 24 hours if you don’t save it for repurposing to YouTube or your own blog.


Donna Merrill (@Donna Merrill on Periscope) introduced me to this great lady, Delilah Taylor and from what I can see and tell, Delilah has become quite an expert in using Periscope.


On Periscope you can find her @Delilah Taylor – The Couch Queen. Delilah also has a great Periscope Basic Training Video on YouTube. 


I’m having a few issues with my Android and my planned scoping schedule but that’s just another “small hurdle” to overcome. I plan on providing updated information on Periscope about Power Affiliate Club (PAC), the Shortcut Quick Tip Videos, writing, advertising and marketing tips. 


I wrote a post on the Power Affiliate Club, going a little bit more in detail about Periscope… Periscope, Reviewing and Learning  


You can find me on Periscope @MonnaEllithorpe and I will be saving my “Scopes” to my YouTube Channel and/or right here on my blog. 


I just finished the first Scope on the PAC Spirit Week Day #1 Member. Oops, the writing on the screen is backwards. Oh well, you live and learn. You can watch it here on Periscope https://goo.gl/2HNAkY  or later I will be uploading it to my YouTube channel.  


I do remember that Delilah had mentioned something about “things being backwards.” I will be watching her basic Periscope video again. LOL


If you missed the Scope from the above link, then catch the replay on YouTube https://youtu.be/MwjjBiWSfp4

arrow5-aBe sure to share your Periscope ID in the comments below. If you found some humor and good information in this post, sharing would be greatly appreciated.

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Have You Been Scoping Yet