Google+ – 6 Part Social Media Series -Cross Posting #5

20 comments on “Google+ – 6 Part Social Media Series -Cross Posting #5”

  1. Jenni Ryan Reply

    Great post. Yes SOS is a huge problem for a lot people using social media. That is why I tend to stick mostly to Facebook as it is about all I can handle time wise and without going through the laearning curve of every platform.
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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Jenni, Thank you very much. Good idea to stick with one or two. I tend to stay around Facebook and Google+. Handling time is still a work in progress for me.

  2. Sharon Smoot Reply

    Great info to help Google+ users get the most out of the platform. I am still trying to figure it all out and the infographic you shared is very helpful. Thanks, Monna!

    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Sharon, I am happy that you can find some use with the infographic. I think a lot of us are waking up to see G+ as something more than we realized.

  3. Sherman Smith Reply

    Hey Monna,

    Thanks for sharing the infograph with us. I myself am just getting more familiar with Google+ this year and yes, you’re right, Google+ is more than meets the eye LOL…. There are so many things you can do with it. Since I’m in IT, I just found out that Google has Remote Desktop, which allows me to work on my friends’ and families’ computers from the comfort of my home (as long as they have internet access that is)… But yes, Googe+ is a big animal in and of itself, but once you figure what you need from it, then it starts to become fun to use!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!
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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Sherman, Thanks so much for your comments. Now, I didn’t know Google has Remote Desktop; that does come in handy at times. I am looking forward to learning more and more about G+.

  4. Sue Bride Reply

    One thing I would add to the awesome infographic is not only linking to your website(s) in your Gplus profile but adding publisher and authorship to your website by linking back to your Gplus profile in your website header.

    I think has information on that too. I added the Circloscope chrome extension on infobunny’s recommendation and it really is a very powerful tool for managing Gplus and adding targetted contacts to your circles.

    Google Plus makes heavy use of hashtags so it’s important to use them in your own Gplus posts.
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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Sue, I am just now learning about infographics. I am going to try the Circloscope that InfoBunny recommended too. I believe G+ is going to be a huge help to all of us who take the time to learn more about it. Have a great day.

  5. Jacs Henderson Reply

    Very comprehensive infographic Monna on just what to do to complete a G+ profile and how to use it – I will be saving this in my G+ Pinterest board to look back on.
    My G+ profile seems to have morphed over the last year or two, there have been many changes and I have not spent a lot of time there but I seem to have the basics in place – and just 3 Apps!! I had many more on facebook when I checked after following your post 😉
    I agree that social media can be a distracting source of SOS – We have to use it with a mission…and have a little plat time too 🙂
    Thanks Monna 🙂
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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hey Jacs, It seems quite a few of us are beginning to realize that G+ is something we need to pay more attention to. Every little thing online is a “time suck” against us in terms of time unless we keep control of it. Have a great evening.

    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting. I have a lot to learn about G+ too but I think you are right about liking it better than FB. Have a great evening.

  6. Chery Schmidt Reply

    Hello Monna, What a Great series you have going here girl friend, I do love G+ and also know that you do need to take consistent action and share and engage to draw people to you.. Not oly on G+ but on all social media sites.

    I love this infographic it is filled with great info.. Now off to check out this Google Plus Brand Audit Page you invited us to.. Thanks for sharing Chery :))
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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Chery, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I like G+ quite a bit and will be working with it more too. That infographic is loaded with great tips. Have a great day.

  7. donna merrill Reply

    Hi Monna,

    I am loving this series. When it comes to Google+ I’m active on it. I not only share posts there, but love the use of Google+ Hangouts. They can be used for masterminding with others, or even teaching something. I also like to Record sessions of webinars and Q&A’s I do on it.

    It is a fantastic tool. Communities are another factor. Getting involved with niche specific communities brings great engagement.

    Yes, social media sites can be a source of shiny objects unless we are totally focused. The infographic you shared is on point and so beneficial.

    Thanks and have a great week!

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    • Monna Ellithorpe Reply

      Hi Donna, Thanks so much. I am happy that you are enjoying the series. I know I need to learn a lot more about G+ than I know now. Thanks also for all of the information you share. Wishing that you have a wonderful week too.

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