Friday Question Day No. 1


ItsFridayQuestionDay1I am going to try a little experiment and see how this works in terms of participation and engagement on my site. 


I wrote a post on May 17th; What Is Your Earning Motivator? 


and I love reading the comments I received, so this started some ideas rambling around my head again and I decided to start today, Friday June 5th and see how well received it is if I ask a specific question and see what the responses are.


So, my post was about using and sharing a spreadsheet to keep track of the earnings you have been receiving; even the pennies which do add up. 


I received some great comments on that post and I really appreciate each and every one of my readers. There was one comment that really made me re-think the post and that comment was from Adrienne Smith


This is an excerpt of her comment:
I believe that if Adsense or InfoLinks or whatever it is you are doing is part of your business model then sure, I say do it. If it’s not then I wouldn’t waste my time. The reason is you never want anyone to leave your site to go to another site before they’re ready. People may see an ad, click on it and the next thing you know they’re gone never to return again because they forgot where they were before they became distracted. That’s one more prospect you’ve just lost. Like I said though, if that’s part of your business model and you’re making enough to warrant having lost them then I say all the more power to you. If not though then I feel it’s definitely not worth the little amount you’ve made. 


See what I mean? A lot of food for thought.


So for my first Friday Question Day No. 1, I would like to know what your thoughts are concerning using ad links as I mentioned in my post and then the opinion that Adrienne gave in her comment about losing a reader too soon by a distracting ad. 


No judgments in any way, just friendly and constructive conversation about your thoughts on this subject. 


animated_arrow_right2Leave your comments below and absolutely share this on all of your social sites so we can get many thoughts and opinions on this question. 


Thanks to all of my readers.