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CreateYourselfWritingWorkshopIt has been a very exciting week since I opened up The Create Yourself Writing Workshop.  So many people have contacted me and said that they have been wanting to write a book for years but just never took the steps to do it.
Well, now you can…
Everything is still new so we haven’t begun any writing contests, challenges or active Google Hangouts yet, but the plans are in the works, so be looking out for them. 
After you sign up, each email that you receive (every 2 days) will contain encouragement for writing, self-esteem tips and writing prompts, along with reviews of software and tools that will make your writing experience easier to manage and control once the “writing bug” has gotten a hold of you.
If you haven’t read my last post; Creative Writing and Confidence Equals a Published Book – See more at: – The comments on this post are so inspiring for me and encourages me to continue on with this project and reach out to “YOU,” and as many other people as I can.  
As a result of this workshop, I have the privilege of working with two other published authors (Lesly Federici and Dr. Erica Goodstone) as a source of keeping me motivated to create interesting and fun writing exercises and projects for you to build your library of work. 
I look forward to many more of you contacting me and telling me that you have the same dream of writing and that you are ready to get started.  
Work At Home BluesSo, Get signed up, join the Facebook group (info below) and let’s “write.”
We have a Create Yourself Writing Workshop Facebook group at:
To get the full experience of the workshop  by email, sign up on my Facebook Fan Page; or on my blog and you will receive the information to download the free e-book that comes with the workshop.
There is nothing holding you back and it’s so easy to get started.  
Comment and share with everyone.  We are going to have a fabulous time. 
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