Facebook Malware Checkpoint


Today is June 5, 2016 and I guess it’s the end of my Facebook days. I’ve tried to sign on to Facebook many times today and receive the same message “Facebook Malware Checkpoint.”


I’ve scanned my computer twice and found nothing. I am able to sign into my family account but not my main account.

That’s okay, I was spending too much time on Facebook anyway and today I am reassessing many things that I do online.

For the time-being I will be putting my main efforts to Google+ for social media.

I absolutely and flat out “REFUSE” to be forced to download the malware software that Facebook is trying to get people to download.

The software they want us to download is called Trend Micro HouseCall and from what I have been able to find out, this is a legitimate action by Facebook but not one I will tolerate.

Concerning wasted time, Saturday morning I spent four hours working on a post for this blog and at the end of the four hours, I realized I had spent the majority of that time fussing with a plugin that I really liked and wanted to use.

After searching for an answer to the problem I was having with this plugin, their support responses were to “do a work-around, deactivate all of my plugins and/or change themes.”

Again, not an option I am going to tolerate. I could have had my post done and sent out and well on to working with other projects but I was determined to make this plugin work.

Going back over my work habits the last few weeks and I am ashamed to say that most of my limited time online has been used to “work-around” something here or there and not on what I need to be focused on.

So to all of my Facebook friends and members of my writing group, I guess our days have ended in Facebook but I will still be around on other social sites but mainly focused on Google+.


multi-star-transparentWhat do you think about Facebook’s decision to force the download of the Malware software they endorse?

I would like very much to hear “Your” viewpoints on this action Facebook is taking. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and please share to your social media, although I’m not sure my Facebook account will be notified.  Oh well!

Have a great new week and I’m looking forward to seeing the comments.

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