Another week has passed and a lot of work has taken place; some productive; some not so productive.  
Create Yourself Writing Workshop Inspiring New WritersThe special news I want to share with everyone is that the Create Yourself Writing Workshop is moving along.  It has been narrowed down to 8 members who are actually working or ready to write their books and I am so proud of them and the group as a whole. 
We are still open to new members coming in but we would prefer that you participate, comment and share your work with the other members so you will get used to putting your work out in public.  It is a closed group now and not showing any posts in the main Facebook news feed.  
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Create Yourself Writing Workshop Inspiring New Writers1Much to my embarrassment, I tried testing out a “new to me” Facebook app (22Social) and I realize now, I should have tested it further before recommending it to my readers.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with the app, I now feel that it is not a good fit for my readers who are mostly writers and not marketers.

Once again this shows to me that the proven way of creating relationships and friendships online, taught by Lynn Terry in her course Social Marketing Results is what works.

Now to quote my friend, Mary Austin From Magic Mary Austin’s Internet Marketing Tips…

“I believe there is a special place in hell for designers who created grey text.”  I totally agree with Mary and also wonder, “What clown(s) came up with the idea of using grey text on a white background?”

Australian_Shepherd_agility_croppedIt may be these older eyes but I know I’m not the only one that has problems reading blogs with grey text on white.

For a while I could remedy the situation by highlighting the text and reading that way. Now there are some blogs, in addition to the grey text, they have decided to use a plugin that prevents you from highlighting the text so it cannot be copied.

I just want to read the blog, not steal your work.

I am sorry to say that I will no longer be jumping through hoops to read a blog like that. So, you may want to take a second look at your blog(s) and see if you may be missing out on some traffic because of the font color. 

Since I’ve gotten somewhat off track this past week, I want to post a writing prompt for my readers.  Feel free to post your interpretation of the writing prompt in the comments section or if you are in the Create Yourself Writing Workshop, post it in the group.  


Do you have a favorite novel or author?  Do you study their writing and try to emulate them?

Work At Home BluesIf you enjoyed this post, please comment and share with everyone.  Let me know how I’m doing.  Take action and start working on your book.

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