This week, I am proud to have my good friend, Lillian De Jesus, as my guest blogger. Lillian has found a wonderful tool called Canva that she has taken in as her “Pet Project” and she will explain and show some of the new techniques she has discovered to do so many different things with Canva and specifically with this post; “Create A Book Cover in Canva.”  Thank you, Lillian

Blog Title for Monna Ellithorpe - Create a Book Cover in Canva Hey there! I’m Lillian De Jesus and it’s such an absolute pleasure to guest post on Monna Ellithorpe’s blog. Monna and I have known each other for more than a year now and she’s helped me so much with writing and self-publishing. She’s invited me here to chat with you about Canva.

Canva is a web application to design all sorts of materials however you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it. Anyone can do it! Even my 6-year-old can create in Canva and she loves it. It’s for everyone, for personal-use such as invitations to business-use for visual marketing. 


Now I’ll go on to let you know how to create a book cover by using Canva. Hopefully, you can use these tips on your authoring journey. It’s fascinating to me how one tool can do so many things for different types of industries.


When I published my book on Kindle and CreateSpace, [Tweet “Canva was the tool to help me as an author to promote my book. I know the possibilities are endless with Canva”] when it comes to visual marketing. However a graphic design tool to help me get my book cover done with ease and without hiring a graphic design professional is unbelievable. If you haven’t taken a look at Canva, you can start a free account here.

create a design in canvas

Click on the + More button to access more designs.

When the + More button is clicked it will provide many different types of designs to choose from and you’ll want to click on the Kindle Cover design. Let’s go on to what you need to do when you open the Kindle Cover design.

Create a Book Cover in Canva for Self-Publishing with Kindle

Cover It’s amazing how so many self-published authors look to find expensive designers to create their book cover! You can create your own cover in Canva and it won’t take much time at all. The reason why it will take less time than you think is because they have set layouts. You can easily change the title, the background photo, and colors of any layout.

Kindle Cover Layouts in Canva are either $1 or Free.

Kindle Cover Layouts in Canva are either $1 or Free.

[Tweet “As an example, I’ve chosen a Kindle Cover layout to demonstrate what to look for.”] When you see the criss-cross mark with the Canva watermark, then the layout is $1. You can change the elements on this layout to create the best look for your ebook.

kindle cover in Canva

Choose a layout that resonates with your book.

Perhaps you have a romantic genre book, you can upload your own photo and use the same typography, however, edit the title and author. Look how easy it is to find photos below.

Photos in Canva

Find photos in the Elements tab (Free or $1)

If none of the photos in the Elements tab would work for your book cover, then you can either do a search in the Search tab for what you need or upload your own photos. Here’s an article of photo sites with wonderful photos that are free to use as you’d like and free of cost. When you finally find the best photo for your ebook then you can drag it in to replace the original photo, as seen below.

Dragging Photos to the Layout

Just drag a photo from the left side and drop to the cover.

You may wonder how to make the photo lighter or darker with the Filter option. Look how easy it is to change and the many options Canva provides.

Changing the Filter

Change the Filter to lighten or darken the photo background.

Then you can edit the lettering to your needs. Change the title, author, or additional information. Drag the words to a good location on the cover where it is legible. Take a look below:

Change Text and Download

Click on the text to highlight and make your changes. Drag it over to where it’s visible.

When you are pleased with your cover, click on Download on the top right corner and click on the .jpg option.

Uploading Your New Book Cover to Kindle Direct Publishing

Now you’re ready to use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing! Well if you’re actual book is ready too. Don’t forget about that! When you sign in, you’ll see this page: KDP Start filling in the necessary book information. When you’re ready to upload your book cover in Step 5, click on Browse for image. This window will appear:

Image Upload on KDP Your book cover created in Canva will already be in the .jpg format. Click on Browse and upload your book cover.

Now you know how to create a book cover for your Kindle book

Yay! You can do it all by yourself. That’s going to feel amazing when it’s done. It’s definitely a cost saver and one less thing to worry about when writing a book. I hope you liked this tutorial! Please let us know in the comments if you plan to create your ebook cover in Canva.


Take Care,

Lillian De Jesus