Common Scams To Avoid When Self Publishing


commonscamstoavoidwhenselfpublishingYou have worked hard over many months or even years to finish the book that you have always dreamed of writing.  Now you go through the nerve-racking tasks of sending your book to publishers and publishing houses, only to receive numerous rejection letters from publishing companies.  


This can really take the wind out of your sails and your self confidence in your writing takes a huge hit.  But you still believe that you have a book that will sell if it was just given the chance.  


In this day of computers and electronic readers, there are other options and becoming a self publishers is one of those options that is available to you. All you need to decide is are you going to take the time to learn how to self publish or will you pay someone who has already self published their books and offers the service to do your book too.  


Since self publishing is most likely the way many new authors are going and as you search for someone to do the publishing, you have to be forewarned of scams; yes, there are even scams associated with book publishing.  


The scams you want to watch out for and avoid are:  

1.  CONTRACTS – There is no reason for you to have to sign any kind of a contract for someone to self publish your book.  

2.  SETTLE ON PRICE – Most self publishers, like myself work with Amazon’s CreateSpace, Kindle, NOOK and the only charge is for my time to format, proofread and submit to Amazon.  If I were to publish your book, we would talk and look through your book to see what is needed and then we would decide on a price that we both agree to and that would be it.  Any changes to the original agreed price would be “only” if some additional work is to be done.  

3.  COPYRIGHT and ROYALTIES – If you are talking with someone about publishing your book for you, do not agree to anything in the way of rights to your book or any of the royalty payments.  The copyright and rights to the book are yours and no one else can lay claim to your work.  

4.  HAVE YOUR OWN CREATESPACE ACCOUNT – Don’t ever let a publisher tell you they will publish on their account and pay you royalties when they are paid out.

5.  REFERENCES – Be sure to find authors who have their books published by, for example; myself (I can give you references from people who I have self published their books for them). Check with each of these authors whom I have worked with.  I am an affiliate of each of them but I have requested that they give their honest review of my work to anyone who asks for it. 

checkmarkredBG Jenkins – Seren Chickadee: Tweet Songs from the Heart (and Other Poems) (Aff.)

checkmarkredDon Sabelhaus – How to Get Measurable Results From Your IBO ToolBox Membership  (Aff.)

checkmarkredErika Mohssen – Beyk – Let the Sunshine In: Change Your Thoughts – Brighten Your Day  (Aff.)

checkmarkredLillian De Jesus – How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business  (Aff.)


There are quite a few things to do on the path to getting your book published. It all depends upon how much of the work you want to do yourself.  


If you are a creative person then I would suggest creating your book cover yourself in either Canva, Photoscape or Microsoft Power Point.  I think it makes the book much more special if you do “ALL” of the creating and publishing process yourself.  


If you decide to do the self publishing on your own, I do have step-by-step videos that will easily walk you through the process with Amazon’s CreateSpace and from there you can move on to publishing your book for the Kindle.  


As a summer special, I am reducing the price of my set of videos to walk you through self publishing but you will need to purchase through the link below in order to get the special price.



Personally, I love working to publish the new books. I get a sneak peak at them before anyone else when I am working to edit and format them but my lips are always sealed.  


Marketing your book.  This can be a daunting task, especially when you have worked so hard on your book and then self published it.  You need to learn how to market or sell your book by getting it in front of the right audience.


Many authors do not have the experience or the time to market but this is one of the drawbacks to self publishing.  Amazon has tons of information about marketing your book and Smashwords (Aff.) offers both a platform for selling and marketing your books.  


You can also approach local retailers, like your local bookstores, to see if they can carry your book.  Just keep in mind to be cautious and do not let something that sounds too good to be true be your downfall.  If it sounds too good to be true; RUN…….


There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you cannot be a published author.  Be smart; think smart; act smart to your benefit.  


I do hope that I have given you plenty to think about and enough to get you inspired and back to writing that book you have always wanted to write.  


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