How To Self Publish On Amazon CreateSpace

howtoselfpublishonamazonSo you have decided to write a book and now you want to get it published.  You ask, “How to Format For Amazon’s CreateSpace?”


You can go the standard route by searching for an agent and/or a publishing house that will accept your book; or not.  They may want rewrite after rewrite which entirely destroys your vision of the main plot of your story or you can go through the self publishing route.


If you look online, there are many, many people who will do this for you, including Amazon for a hefty price, ranging from $199.00 to $249.00 and up. As a new writer, “Who has that type of money?” I know I didn’t have it.

 Short Videos on How To Self Publish
on Amazon’s CreateSpace




Another alternative is to self publish your book. Now for a lot of people that would not be much of a problem if you are proficient in working with computers and pick up on new things easy but for others, this would put the publishing of your book at another dead end. You just don’t have the time or the expertise to publish the book yourself.


That is where I come in and I can help you get your book published in one of two ways. My short segment videos are created with YOU in mind.


I will walk you through the steps one by one, including giving you a free 6×9 template to use for your first paperback book on Amazon’s CreateSpace




I can format and publish your book for you at a much lower price than most offers you will find online.


The reason I am doing this, is because I’ve been there with my book written and not knowing where to go from there and at one time I almost gave up completely.


The difference is that I am pretty good with computers, so I taught myself how to do my own self publishing and I can do the same for you.


If you are too busy, I can also format and publish for you. Contact me at email: for a price quote on formatting and publishing your book.

8 Short Videos on How To Self Publish
on Amazon’s CreateSpace




You decide… My videos each are about 15 to 20 minutes long

  • Video Segment #1: I show you how to work with the files of an actual book I have already published, going over pages to include, spacing, fonts and sizes.
  • Video Segment #2: I also show the process to upload and get your files approved on CreateSpace using a newly published book called “How to Use Canva Like a Pro for Business” by Lillian De Jesus. This video includes the actual detail of formatting your pages, checking spacing and spelling and creating a Table of Contents (TOC).
  • Video Segment #2a: Add a description of your book and author name for SEO purposes. Then the final task of converting your document to PDF version for uploading to Amazon’s CreateSpace.
  • Video Segment #3: I walk you through the actual setup and uploading of your book file to CreateSpace using the book mentioned above by Lillian De Jesus.
  • Video Segment #4: The final process and last details of preparing your book for submission to CreateSpace for review.
  • Video Segment #5: Create a separate front book cover and back cover with
  • Video Segment #6: Creating a one-piece book cover in Canva; Using CreateSpace’s online book cover creator; Using PhotoScape to work with CreateSpace’s book cover template.


  • Short Segment Video-Working With Photoscape-DPI – How to prepare your photos for submission to CreateSpace.


8 Short Videos on How To Self Publish
on Amazon’s CreateSpace






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