How To Build An Amazon aStore

AS OF 10/27/2017, AMAZON WILL BE


First of all, Lesly and I want to Thank You for being a part of this great community called “PAC” and helping us to build it into a valuable site for everyone to benefit from…


We have attempted in a few different ways to utilize the Amazon affiliate links to be fair for everyone but evidently we are going against their terms in some way, as we cannot see that anyone has received any commissions on recent purchases.


I decided to do a PowerPoint presentation also to explain what we have come up with in case you cannot understand my voice on the video.


What we are proposing is for each of you to build your own Amazon store within your niches and we also want to get the instructions out to you ASAP since the holidays are coming up soon. We will then put your Amazon Store links on the affiliate links page.


There are a few ways to do this and I will explain in the video. We also believe that some of the problem is due to Amazon only retaining a 24 hour cookie, so it’s very possible if you, as a shopper are putting things in your shopping cart and coming back later (after 24 hours) then the commission of those sales do not go to the affiliate.


We are hoping the creation of your own Amazon store will solve this problem, however, the 24 hour cookie retention will still hold.


So the bottom line is, if you are going to purchase from Amazon through a fellow members affiliate link, complete your transaction the first time you visit Amazon from their link.


Now, let’s get to the video and I will walk you through how to create your own Amazon store.

If something is unclear or you do not understand, contact me and I will go over it with you.


When you create and name your store, be sure to think about what you are working towards in terms of your own “Branding” and the adding items that are relevant to your Branding.


Reminder: Coming in through your storefront does not limit your commissions. You will receive commissions from any item that is bought.






How To Build An Amazon aStore