Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos


teachingvideos-monnaellithorpeIf you are a visual person, which I think most of us are, it always helps to have a video to watch, to show how to do something new; a video that shows step by step what you need to do.


And because it is a video, you are able to stop and start the video as many times as you wish so you can easily learn, along with having the text available.


Little by little, I will be creating short videos on different topics to help you learn some shortcuts in your online work; no matter what kind of work you do. 


If there is something that you would like to request instructions on, please email me at WorkWithMonna@monnaellithorpe.com    


Radio is another great form of learning, especially if you are on the go.  Listening while relaxing or listening while waiting for your children after school or in traffic, you can still learn when you are away from home.


A few months ago, I was interviewed by Dr. Erica Goodstone of Marketing Our Practices – Therapists Working Together about how I used writing to cope with the death of my husband.  You can listen to that interview below.

 Recorded on Blog Talk Radio April 15, 2014


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Teaching Videos