Self Publishing Services

Self Publishing Services

How To Get A Book Published

Prices vary depending on what your needs are. 

Book covers – I can create a book cover for you. Contact me at or on Skype (Skype ID is monna.ellithorpe) and I can let you pick a style for your book.  The finished book cover cost is $4.95 plus $10.00 for my service to create the cover.
If you would rather create your own cover to use for your book, MyEBookCreator is free to sign up and create your own cover and the cost is $4.95 to download and use the cover you have designed.

Once a price has been established and the steps needed to publish your book, this price will be firm for 30 days and will be confirmed by an email sent to your main email account.


>>>>> I reserve the right to change my prices at any time.  If we already have an agreement, the price agreed upon will be honored.