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MLEblogRoseWelcome-2Hi, My name is Monna Ellithorpe.


We are SO lucky to be living in a time where writers, especially “New Writers” no longer have to go through the time consuming process of writing a draft, submitting to a publisher or publishing house, waiting for weeks, only to get a rejection letter stating: 


“Sorry, we are not looking for any writers in this genre.” or even worse “Your writing is not up to our standards.”


Self-publishing does not mean you should or would just throw anything out there and hope people will buy, read your work and give you good reviews. You still want to do your best work and build a reputable name for yourself in the writing world. 


You may already have a book written or that has been rejected and you would like to try self-publishing but the writing was enough. You aren’t up for learning anything new in the way of formatting and publishing. 


That’s where I come in.  I provide coaching to walk you through publishing your book or I will format and publish it for you.  Contact me and let’s talk and see what your needs are in the way of publishing. 


As a coach, I will work with you and show you how to brand your name and your book online for greater exposure and recognition. 


I’ve gone through this myself and I know all too well how irritating it is to listen to so many people tell you “this or that is the right way to do things.”  You spend your hard earned money on bad advice and still you aren’t getting noticed through social media and your book is not selling. 


coachingandserviceswithMonnaI have been coached in many ways on social media, both the right and the wrong ways and I will show you how to brand your name online; the “Right” way.  


I offer my coaching and/or services at prices that are much more affordable for the “Baby Boomer” generation of which I am one too.


Coaching can be scheduled to meet your personal needs and interests.


I like to work with a few people at a time, on a one- to-one basis to ensure a quality experience.


I can tell you from my own experience, you will find within yourself a whole new being that you never knew existed and your confidence and self-esteem will lead you to the future you have dreamed of.  


I have thought about it and I have decided that most writers are so different from each other, there is no way that I can put a specific price on working with you on your book and/or marketing.


So, I am removing the payment schedules below and if you are interested in receiving coaching and/or services from me with writing or marketing, just contact me and we will talk about what you want done and need and then we will decide on a price that both of us will be comfortable with.

Contact Monna at: 




(I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one below who have said such beautiful words in testimonial and
I will continue to do my best to carry on learning and teaching to others –
Monna Ellithorpe) 



Monna Ellithorpe is a dedicated, conscientious and hard-working professional. She studies her craft, learns as much as she can, and then reaches out to teach others what she knows. And she knows a lot. Ask Monna about writing and she can pull up her collection of books, ebooks, Kindle books, articles and blogs. Want someone to help you get your book published? Monna will help you get it done or even do it for you. Interest in quilting? Her book will explain her unique and intricate pattern. Interested in growing flowers? Check out her web site all about roses. Want to build a web presence? Monna provides the tools and tips to help you get started or enhance your current web site/s. And with all the time she spends studying and creating, writing and sharing, she will always find time to help someone in need. If you choose her as your coach or your writing or web site assistant, you will certainly be in good hands. Erica Goodstone, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT Dr. Erica


Well if you know me, you will know that I like to keep it short, sweet and simple. Monna is always there when I have a question, ready to help in any way she can. She has helped me out of plenty of jams. No I don’t mean jam between two pieces of bread. She is the greatest online with all things that I am not. Yes you can say it is because she is much younger than I am at age 70, soon will be 90 years old; that is what I tell others because when you get this age, time flies, but Monna is always here for me on Skype so she can reach out and help others who are in need. Monna is one of a kind so reach out and see what friendship you can build with her also. Inspired To Help Others, Mae Kelm Mae Kelm



Finding inspiration in other people is not always easily found. You usually find it from internet “gurus”, or celebrities, or from stories you hear about people and how they overcame challenges in their lives. Monna inspires me. She’s a Phoenix. Living through life challenges and then rising above them to show people they can overcome obstacles too. I respect, honor, and appreciate this in Monna. Because she’s done a lot of soul searching to get to where she is today. And isn’t that what life is about – change and overcoming struggles towards success? And who better to help you cope with change, to write your story, than to work with someone who’s been there and knows the struggles like the back of their hand. As an accomplished author she shares her struggles and turns them into a learning read. She’ll make you think about things you may never have thought of. She’s resourceful, dedicated to her craft, as well her clients who are aspiring writers. Monna has inspired me to believe more in myself and the story I am planning to write. I highly recommend her Coaching services because she’ll get you where you want to go with your writing and even guide you in other goals you want to achieve. — Lesly Federici RN, BA, 60+ Coaching | Creative Networking, Facebook, -Phone: 908-731-5043


Monna is really a helpful person with a heart of gold. She shares her life experiences, even its sorrows, with the intention of helping others recover as she did. She is persistent in her endeavors, but wise enough to see whether her persistence is going in the right direction or not. She knows when to redirect her efforts and channels her gifts in creative ways to benefit others. Monna is awesome!

Paula O’Keefe