How To Change Light Colored Text On Blogs You Read


HowToChangeLightColoredTextOnBlogFor some reason or another it seems that using a gray or light gray text on a white background of blog themes has become the norm.  I know I have mentioned this before and I know these tired old eyes sometimes have a hard time reading when I have been working a lot during the day but to come across a blog you want to read and the fact that you have to highlight the text to read it, is not a good business move in my opinion. 

I have actually bypassed reading blogs that I could not read because of the text being so light colored.  Sometimes I have asked the blog owner to change the text color to black and some have done so but I don’t like to keep bugging blog owners about their blogs being hard to read.  Maybe it is just me and the text looks okay on other computers. 
I set out to find if there was a way that I could make changes to my own computer to solve this problem. 
I am running Windows 7 on my computer and this information is for that operating system. I don’t have access to other operating systems to try it on but I think it would be about the same. 
I have created a short video that follows along with the numbered photos below.  
Go to Control Panel and follow along with the images below to reset your computer fonts to black and it will over-ride almost every site you visit with the darker color text that is easier to read. 
Photo 1  Click on “Appearance and Personalization”
Photo 2  Go to the bottom left and click on “Display”
Photo 3  On the left side, go back up to “Adjust Clear Type Text” and click
Photo 4  On this screen make sure you check “Turn on Clear Type” and then click “Next”
Photo 5  On this screen, Windows should be checking to see what your monitor settings are. If it shows that your display monitor is set to “Native Resolution,” then click next. 
Photo 6  On the next 4 screens you will highlight which block is the darkest and the clearest that you can read. 
Photo 7  You have now finished tuning the text of your monitor.  Click on “Finish.”
Now go to some of the blogs you were having problems reading and see if the text is now darker.  This should make the text darker and more clear on all blogs but you may run into a couple that you will need to go through these steps again. 
I hope you found this short video tutorial and post helpful.  Please share with your friends and associates and on social sites you visit.
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