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Weekly Writing Prompt 11-23-2016

writing prompt 11-23-2016

It’s time again to start with the “Weekly Writing Prompts” to help you with getting over “writer’s block” or if you just don’t have any idea of what to write about.

Writing prompts can bring to mind a story or a poem in a matter of seconds when you read the prompt.

In some cases, I have read a prompt and absolutely nothing came to mind at that time but you can wait a little while or even the next day and an idea can light up like a sparkler in your mind and you can’t wait to get to your pen and paper or computer. 

I do hope to inspire you to take part in the “Weekly Writing Prompts” and share them in the comments section below.  

I have written my short story for all to read below.  I do hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate it if you share with your associates, friends and family. 

Writing Prompt:

A Butterfly Has Followed You During Your Entire Hike in the Forest

I’m Never Alone

Sometimes when I get lonely or depressed, I take a walk in the woods behind my house. I was missing my husband more than usual today which always happens around the holidays.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and even though I will be with family, I still miss him. He’s been gone 8 years and 3 months, which seems like a lifetime ago but it also seems just like yesterday.

So I went for a walk to clear my head. I noticed a beautiful yellow and black butterfly that seemed to keep up with me where ever I walked. It would land ever so lightly on a purple flower and stay there as I stood watching.

I looked back and saw that the butterfly had taken flight again and had landed on some shrubbery just ahead of me.

This went on for quite a while. It seemed odd that the butterfly would fly when I walked and almost seemed to know when I was going to stop again.

I saw this beautiful shade tree just up ahead. There was a small creek that meandered through the woods and I decided I would sit for a while. I wanted to write in my journal which I always have with me.

Once comfortable, I looked over to my left and there was the yellow and black butterfly. It was resting on a leaf that hung down from a low branch of the tree.

The movements of this wonderful butterfly for some reason made me feel safe and not so alone. I couldn’t explain it but I was meant to take this walk in the woods.

Thinking back over the last 8 years and 3 months, I recalled another time when butterflies visited me.

A day or so after my husband passed away, I was also taking a walk and there were many butterflies in flight all around his truck.

I remember thinking to myself, this was a sign that my husband was still with me to comfort me and let me know I wasn’t completely alone.

I looked up at the butterfly who had been with me this whole time and I called out my husband’s name. Slowly the butterfly waved its wings a couple of times and then stopped.

The butterfly took flight again and gently landed on my head for a few seconds and then flew away.

Believe what you will but I know that my husband was with me on my walk in the woods.

I’m never alone. He is with me in my heart, in my thoughts and even in a beautiful butterfly who took a walk in the woods with me.

I’ll be alright now. I have spent some secret time with the love of my life.

© 2016 – Monna Ellithorpe.com | http://monnaellithorpe.com

Did anything come to mind for you when you read the writing prompt? If so, great. Let’s read what you wrote. If not, there are other writing prompts that I have shared. Maybe one of those will spark a story when you read the prompt.

Weekly Creative Writing Prompt 9-23-2016

Weekly Writing Prompt 9-14-2016

Weekly Writing Prompt 9-6-2016

Remember you retain the rights to your stories or poems that you submit in the comments section below.

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Weekly Creative Writing Prompt 9-23-2016

Weekly Creative Writing Prompt 9-23-2016

Did you know that when you participate in the writing prompts each week, you can gather them together and create a Kindle e-book or a paperback book of short stories and then self publish?  


As a result, you will then have your first book published with your name on the front cover.  (Note: Be sure to give credit to Writing.com as they have supplied the prompts that I share with you).



She crouched behind the sofa in terror as a hand came through the window.


I am wondering if you are finding the prompts thought-provoking enough for you to start writing a short piece? 


Share your thoughts with me.  Would other types of prompts work better for you?  Give me suggestions of some types of prompts you would like to write.


Thank you for your participation and share with your friends and associates.





Weekly Creative Writing Prompt 9-23-2016







Weekly Writing Prompt 9-14-2016


Weekly Writing Prompt 9-14-2016


How many times have you sat down with pen and paper or a blank computer screen in front of you and you absolutely had no idea of what to write?
Writing prompts take a short topic or a beginning sentence and give you an idea to start with.  Hopefully when you read the prompt, right away you get a visual in your mind and the words start to flow. 
Feel free to participate in the writing prompts each week.  I have some catching up to do myself.  Enjoy!




You are in the audience, when the lead singer forgets the lyrics. You are the only other person who knows them. What happens next?


>>>>>> Thank you for your participation and remember to share with your friends and associates.


Weekly Writing Prompt 9-6-2016

Weekly Writing Prompt 9-6-2016


It’s time again for the “Weekly Writing Prompt.”  If you read my previous post about The Benefits of Writing Prompts then maybe you have been inspired to start writing using the prompts and getting used to trying your hand at writing and feeling more confident about letting people see your work. 



Standing in front of an abandoned castle, you wonder if you should go in. You have heard rumors that once you go through one of the stone arch doorways, people disappear. What will you do?


Let’s see how many submission we get this week and let our imaginations run wild with this one.


If you have any ideas for future writing prompts, send them to me with a Subject Line of Writing Prompt Idea <<<<<



Thank you for your participation and remember to share with your friends and associates.








Writer Help Wanted





The Benefits of Writing Prompts

The Benefits of Writing Prompts


Writing Prompts 5 Benefits For a WriterThis past week, one of my readers asked me, “What are the Benefits of Writing Prompts?” So, I thought I would share my thoughts and why I share the prompts with you every week.


Writing Prompt Benefits:


1. Save your writing prompts.  You never know when you can use them in a novel, a story or an article you may write in the future. Never throw away any writing that you do, even if it’s just a line or a random thought. Some of my writing prompts were perfect to use in a short story and some I still have saved to use for something in the future. Create your own library of your writing to draw from when needed.


2. Writing is stressful sometimes.  Wouldn’t you say that someone giving you a writing prompt takes some of the pressure off of you? For that instance, you don’t have to think about what to write. It’s presented to you and all you have to do is to take it and let your imagination run with it.


3. Write every day.  Every writer knows that you should write at “LEAST” something, everyday. Writing Prompts also saves time if you are out of ideas to write about. Perhaps the prompt you are given doesn’t conjure up any ideas but it may cause you to have another idea that you can write about.


4. Every writer many times always revert back to a specific era in time, genre, social status or location that they always write about. A writing prompt can give you an idea of something totally different you have never written about before, such as writing something funny instead of a mystery; writing about something happening in London rather than the USA; your main character is always a female and a writing prompt may suggest that you write from a male perspective. Take the challenge and write something out of your normal comfort zone. You might find that you enjoy it immensely.


5. Focus, Focus, Focus.  Many of us have problems with focus. Writing Prompts can also help with getting in the habit of focus. Maybe there is a time deadline to have the writing prompt done; you would have to be super focused to get it done and in on time. Never accept a challenge if you can’t meet the deadline. You need to protect your reputation as a writer who follows through with projects and “DO NOT” leave people hanging or disappointed.


Benefit From Participation:


I provide a weekly writing prompt and some of my readers have started submitting their entries in the comments section of my blog. I find the writing prompts at Writing.com (Aff.)  If the prompt I give out doesn’t spark any ideas for you, go to Writing.com and find another one that does provoke an idea to write about.

The Benefits of Writing Prompts

We had four submissions to the writing prompt for August 25, 2016 <<<<<<


I am hoping that this will pick up and we will have more submissions each week. I do have to admit that I have not been able to add my versions of the writing prompts. Many of you know of my home situation and I have limited time online but I will be back online full time soon.


Just a little reminder note that when you submit your writing to the comments section of my blog, you will still retain the rights and I will not take that away from you if you post it for everyone to read.


I have noticed many times while writing with a supplied Writing Prompt, that I will have other ideas pop into my head. Don’t lose that opportunity to quickly write that thought down. You may ask “But wouldn’t that interrupt my focus?”


“Yes, it may for a few minutes. But how many times have you had a thought and you told yourself you would remember it and you didn’t?” Take the few seconds to jot down some words that you will recall later on. Don’t stress about writing details of a fleeting thought right now. Get back to writing from the Writing Prompt you were given and then add more notes to the thought you had while writing.


So, I trust that this will answer some of your questions about “The Benefits of Writing Prompts.” If you have any other questions, I would be happy to try and answer them for you.


The Benefits of Writing Prompts


The Benefits of Writing Prompts


Writers. Having a problem getting writing positions? Writer Help Wanted (Aff.) Will Supply the Resources 


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