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Backing Up Your WordPress Files

Backing Up Your WordPress Files

You hear it all of the time, “Make sure you backup your files.” You know it Backing_Up_Your_WordPress_Filesneeds to be done, but you have sort of a mindset of, “Ah, it won’t happen to me.” Wanna bet? I would like to tell you a story about “Backing Up Your WordPress Files.”  


I have always been adamant about backing up my blogs and any blogs I work on for clients. Some would probably think I obsess a little too much about backing up your WordPress files.


This past week we received a notice from our web hosting service that we had 7 days in which to clean up our files resting on their servers or risk our site files being removed. The email stated it appeared that we were using the hosting service for file storage which was against their “Terms of Service.”


So we get on the phone with our hosting company and what a shock we got when we found out the details of the problem we had and were causing.



Photo by:wordpressexpert.net

It seems that when you use a backup plugin on WordPress, it saves a copy on the server. Also depending on how frequently you have it backing up, this may increase the files by daily, weekly, etc.


For example when I do a lot of work on a blog, I have a backup done every evening.


Now imagine you didn’t realize this and finally you log into your cPanel after receiving the notice and find backups dated as far back as 2012 (3 years of WordPress backup files). So we have spent the last few days transferring our largest site to another server and cleaning out the numerous backup files.


I thought I would share this story with you in case you are using a WordPress backup plugin. I am not saying any of them are bad, you just need to know how they work.


Do they delete any old backup files as new ones are added or do you have to do it manually? If you decide to use one of these plugins, make yourself a note to delete the old backups if needed.


Most hosting companies keep a backup file for you (usually every week) but they also give you the option in the cPanel to do a manual backup to your computer hard drive and then it is suggested that you put a copy on a cloud site.



I use DropBox now and have found it to be very easy to work with. They give you tons of storage.  You can check it out here;  DropBox Cloud Storage  (Aff – not monetary, just more storage space for me).


If you are not sure about backing up files or if your WordPress files are safe, maybe I can help >> monna@monnaellithorpe.com Lets talk…



If this post was of value to you, I would appreciate a comment and share. Thank you. 


Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links

Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links

How many of you reading this are affiliate marketers?  I am guessing that almost everyone reading this post has some affiliate links out there, whether it is for Web Hosting, Purchasing a Domain, Some Kind of Software, etc.  The list can go on and on forever.  
I came across a WordPress plugin this past week and I wanted to share what I think is the “Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links.”

Pretty Link Lite and Pretty Pink Pro

I’m sure you have heard of Pretty Link Lite and Pretty Link Pro.  Well I’ve know about it for quite a while but I assumed (which you should never do, especially online) that it was some frilly plugin to make your links look “Pretty” and couldn’t have any real value. 


Boy was I totally wrong. 

Each day you can find an article or a post about a new link shortener that you can use to “cloak” your links.  You ask me, “What does cloaking your links mean?”  In short, it means to hide the actual link with something that looks “Pretty” and not a link with what seems like a thousand characters. 
For example the raw link to a previous post of mine; Find an Affiliate To Get Your Sale – Affiliates Helping Affiliates; as you can see below has 92 characters and isn’t “Pretty” at all. 
Using Pretty Link Lite, this same URL would look like this, using my branded name of my blog:  http://monnaellithorpe.com/m6ft  and this displays only 32 characters.  I might add that this is also a great space saver when posting to Twitter. 
There are lots of shorteners out there but the three most popular shorteners are:  Bit.ly – Google URL Shortener – Ow.ly – TinyURL – IBOToolbox, etc. 
There are many mixed reviews on each of them such as;
1.  They expire after a while.  Can you imagine having your links out there and then realizing they expired, who knows how long ago? 
2.  Some social sites have banned certain URL shorteners and you cannot use them; giving way for “Black Hat Marketers” to change your affiliate link to their links and cutting you out of your commission.
3.  Some are not secure which means other people can see what your original link was before it was shortened. What good is that?  Aren’t they supposed to hide your affiliate link?  
You just have to work with each of them and make your own decision as to what will work for you.  

As for me, I think I should have taken a look at Pretty Link a LONG time ago. 


I have made a short video that you can see below on how easy it is to use Pretty Link Lite and the features of both the Lite version and the Pro Version. 



The Pretty Link Lite version is free to use, but of course doesn’t have all of the features of the Pro version.  There is also a developers version for people who work with clients who use WordPress; this would be a great addition.  


Click on the banner below to see which version is right for you.





Blogger Edition
  • Use of Pretty Link Pro on one website
  • Shrink or Cloak links using your domain name
  • Access to members only training
  • Lifetime Automatic Updates
  • 1 Year of Premium Support
  • Perfect for someone who only has one website
Developer Edition
  • Use Pretty Link Pro on an Unlimited Number of your websites and client websites
  • Shrink or Cloak links using your domain name
  • Access to members only training
  • Lifetime Automatic Updates
  • 1 Year of Premium Support
  • Perfect for Developers and Marketers who need to shrink or cloak links for themselves and/or clients  
For the PAC (Power Affiliate Club) Members, you will especially be interested in the fact that the Pretty Link Pro version comes with a URL Rotator. You know what kind of fun and results we are having with the rotator!
Here you will find a complete list of features for this WordPress Plugin https://prettylinkpro.com/features/ 
For the Pretty Link Lite free version, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on plugins on the left sidebar.  Click to add new plugin and enter pretty link lite.  Make sure that the plugin is compatible with your WordPress theme and ALWAYS make sure you have a backup of your WordPress site.  
Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links
I use UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore / Clone plugin for WordPress by David Anderson.  Updraft Plus will back up your files to Dropbox for added safety but you have to set that up from your WordPress Dashboard.
I will be doing a review on UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore / Clone plugin for WordPress, so look out for that.
You can get a free account at Dropbox (Aff.) but the commission is not money. I will receive more storage space should you decide to upgrade.
FYI:  I haven’t had to upgrade so far. 
I hope that I have provided some valuable information to you and I will be looking out for more WordPress news, information, plugins, etc. to make YOUR life online a little easier  
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of Pretty Link and have you used it or planning on using it.  I’m sure you have other blogger friends and associates that you can share my post with if you found it helpful.  

Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links


32 Authors With 49 Comments

32 Authors With 49 Comments


32AuthorsWith49Comments-workingAs the New Year starts out many of us have been and are still busy getting strategies and plans in place to increase your numbers and earnings in your business online; me included. 

I have had quite a few “Aha” moments the last few months and I am finally beginning to “get it” with this online work and becoming more focused and moving forward in 2015 as being my best online year yet.


What Is In Place for 2015…

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20 Questions – When Looking For a WordPress Theme

 As you can plainly see, I am again in the middle of a blog theme change. I thought I had picked out the design and theme that I wanted and would serve me well for quite a while but I was wrong.



A few weeks into the new design and I realized that the theme I chose does not have the full width post option.  You may not need that option but it is an option I like to have available.  I was completely sure and convinced that I had went over everything I needed. 


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Team Site Traffic WordPress Plugin

I am interrupting my Social Media Series on Cross Posting to add this post about a new WordPress Plugin called Team Site Traffic that has been developed and will be on available to YOU and every one on June 17, 2014.

Team Site Traffic WordPress PluginTeam Site Traffic 

This plugin is the result of the vision of its creator, Gavin Mountford who is beginning to be very well known online with his unique way of teaching and training for internet and network marketing.  I met Gavin a few months ago when I joined in with his Facebook Challenge and I learned even more things about marketing online and building relationships.

You may wonder why I am promoting a WordPress plugin when most everything I do is about writing.  Well, I will tell you… after you are done writing you need to learn to promote your work and get it in front of people so they will be interested in buying what you have written.  Make sense?


My intention for this plugin when it is available on June 17, 2014 is to use this in my Create Yourself Writing Workshop.  It will help the group tremendously in advertising the members’ books they have written.  

What better way to get the word out than have a team of people advertising for the benefit of the group?

Create A Team Or Work With a Team You Already Have


If you have a team already or a group (it doesn’t matter what type of program or group you have) everyone needs traffic and this plugin is just what you need.  Just look what comes with Team Site Traffic WordPress plugin;
  • As of today, June 14, 2014 there are 3 free training videos available
  • For showing your interest before the plugin/software you will receive a 9 page PDF … which is the EXACT Blueprint You need  for building Your own Team Site in only 30 days
  • Gavin provides Full Support in everything he does 
  • There are Bonuses for you if you are an Affiliate Marketer
  • See more in the video below as Gavin explains his vision…
There are only a few more days left, so enter your name and email in the optin box below to get your 9 page PDF … which is the EXACT Blueprint You need for building Your own Team Site in only 30 days



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