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Consistency In Writing And Blogging

Consistency in Writing And Blogging

Hi everyone. it’s been a month since I made a post on my blog. Shame on me. I’ve done pretty good at keeping up and posting consistently each week until the end of March 2016 but I won’t bore you with details, just know that I’m trying to work my way back to what I love to do online. 


Have you noticed I’ve changed the look of my blog again? As a woman, I compare this to the need to rearrange my furniture in my house every now and then. LOL My Dad hated when I moved furniture when I was growing up and so did my husband. That never seemed to stop me though. 


Okay, here’s my post and it will be a little bit of rambling on what I’ve been up in terms of content to help you in your writing and marketing, etc.


1. This one month’s break does prove that if you are not consistent with engagement with people and posting to your blog, then you will lose exposure and visitors to your site. There’s nothing new for them to read or learn, so they stop coming.


2. You can finally get a book done that you have been working on little by little. I decided to make it available as a PDF version first before the Kindle version comes out and then it will be released in paperback later on. I had forgotten the feeling of accomplishment that you have when you hit that “Publish” button on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site.


3. Love testing out new products and software for review. I’m looking forward to telling you about what I’ve found. Of course some were shared with me but I always like to give my own opinions, one way or the other about how something works or doesn’t work.


4. We are getting closer to the time that Alicia Osmera will have her first book published. It’s been great working with her and getting it ready to go. I find great joy in also seeing the excitement when I help new authors publish their first book.


5. Can you believe it? PAC (The Power Affiliate Club) is coming up on its 2-year anniversary in just a few days. We are running a 2-year anniversary contest and you could win free advertising. The contest runs from May 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016. Be sure to read the rules of the contest. If you are not already a member of PAC, better check it out soon.


6. I’ve decided to reactivate the Facebook group; Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing. Join us in the group and start sharing your writing and get feedback and opinions from the other members.


Be aware that you might see some more changes on the blog until I decide on the theme I want to use. I welcome any suggestions or ideas you might have. Tell me what you think about the theme and its look at the time you are visiting.


Did you know there is a book called “Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter?” I didn’t know it and I grabbed my copy of it as soon as I saw it. It’s available in Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audible and MP3 CD.


I’m sure you are familiar with the original book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. If not, you should read it. I’ve read the original off and on for years but never have made it all of the way through until finished.


Mr. Hill wrote the original, obviously from a man’s point of view and while men and woman both can benefit from the original, Think and Grow Rich for Women is written from a women’s perspective to wealth-building from a modern standpoint for women. I think this book is long overdue.


I’m finding a tremendous amount of new information and inspiration from Sharon’s book. If you decide to purchase the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and did it help you any?


arrow5-aThank you for reading and appreciate the sharing if you found value in this post.



May I Have Your Permission?

May I Have Your Permission?

You are probably thinking that is a strange title for a blog post but I will explain and link it all together as we go along. So, May I Have Your Permission to put my blog post out there for you to read? 



We all know marketing has taken a dramatic change in the last few years, towards being more focused on human engagement, instead of SEO, which is still important but not the be all, end all that it used to be. 


I attended a webinar the other evening and the presenter from time to time would ask permission to show a new PowerPoint slide or introduce a new screen to a crowd of over 600 people that showed up for the webinar. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone conduct a webinar this way. 


I thought to myself at the time, while it was very different and he was being more interactive with his audience, I found myself saying, “Just get on with it.” We’ve given you our permission by giving our name and email address to be able to attend the webinar. Although it was a nice gesture. 


As I was doing a little bit of research on writing this post, I came across a book written by Seth Godin called Permission Marketing.

Who is Seth Godin, you ask? Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. While he is credited with many business ventures online, I believe that Squidoo is the most famous, or at least for me. 


In March 2006, Godin launched Squidoo, a community website that allowed users, called “lensmasters,” to create pages (called “lenses”) for subjects of interest. The site donated 5 percent of the profits to charity, and 50 percent to the lensmasters (Ref. Sadly, for a huge number of marketers and myself, we lost a large part of our residual income when Mr. Godin sold Squidoo in August of 2014. 


The traditional way of marketing from print ads to TV commercials to billboards and running strips on the bottom of your TV screen is slowly going by the way-side, but many major companies are still shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for what is now called “Interruption Marketing.”  


Think about it, most commercials you see on TV do not catch your attention at all and you use that time to go to the kitchen for something to eat or drink or take a nature break so you are back when your “Interrupted” show comes back on. 


I will have to say and I’m fairly certain this will ring true with many that cute baby and cute dog commercials still capture our attention and as bad as I hate to say it, some of the dumbest commercials will catch your attention just because of the stupidity. 


Okay, I find that I’m rambling on and on and I need to “Just get on with it.” 


Now that I think back on that webinar I attended the other night, it did take away the pressure and the feeling of, “What’s coming up next?” The presenter was treating all 600+ of the attendees as people, not potential “cash cows.” 


By asking permission, he was giving us the option to leave at any time, which we could do anyway, but there was no feeling of dread about what he was going to show us next. We were given the decision to stay or go. We agreed and we stayed to see what was next. 


Even though I did not purchase his product, just because of his different approach and respect for the people who showed up to hear him speak, I did take a second look and as you see he did make an impression on me. I’m writing this post for you to read, Right? 


Personal engagement is and has been “coming back” into style again. I know you’ve heard it over and over, but it’s true that building a relationship is what people expect. Think about how you like or don’t like to be introduced to a new product or opportunity; that will give you the answer. 


Think of the many, many different people you will meet and learn about their lifestyles and cultures of their countries. You will be rewarded in so many more ways than you ever dreamed of. 


If you are still trying to work online by spamming people, which has now picked up the new term of “Interruption Marketing,” then you need to get Seth Godin’s book to learn the difference and benefits of “Permission Marketing” and/or join The Power Affiliate Club ( ) so you can work with a group of people who already know the difference.  


JOIN PAC HERE >>>>>> Power Affiliate Club

PURCHASE SETH’S BOOK HERE  >>>>> Permission Marketing

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Pay Attention Someone May Be Listening

Pay Attention Someone May Be Listening

Positive Verses Negative Even in Public

Mom and I went out to dinner yesterday evening and sometimes people talk loud and it’s almost impossible to not listen to what they are saying. 


These two gentlemen were sitting across and one booth down from us and we could hear the conversation as if we were sitting right there with them.  I guess the one man’s mom didn’t teach him about “inside voices.” 


As hard as I tried to ignore the conversation, I could not but help thinking the whole time this man was talking, not once had he said a positive word about anyone or anything. The other fellow did not say much. I’m not sure if he just spoke softer or he just sat and listened. 


After a while, I realized it was starting to bring me down just hearing all of the negative conversation. I was very tempted to say something to him, but I bit my tongue and said nothing. 


For the rest of our dinner time, I consciously made an effort NOT to listen and try to ignore the conversation. Either I succeeded or he ran out of things to say; I’m not sure. 


My point is, that if you have a negative personality in public, you can have an effect on someone without realizing it.  Talk positive, think positive and be positive; “Pay Attention Someone May Be Listening.” 


This leads me to the main topic of my post today. As we know there are hundreds of people, new people who really don’t know anything about the internet or how to create an income online. Many are swept up in the hype and excitement of the claims of a 7 figure income for doing nothing, buy my course and you will be making money by next week and I could go on and on about how easy it is.


Listen To Me Now.


If you never pay attention to another thing I say, don’t miss this next section.


Common sense, use your common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, then 9 times out of 10, it is and you want to run as fast as you can. 


Bloggers, “YOU” are essentially just like the two fellows I talked about above. Your visitors are the people overhearing your conversation (reading your blog) in public. You are the one who has to live with your conscious.


Are you telling your visitors the whole truth and giving them the tools they need to succeed or are you just “blowing hot air” to meet a quota or make yourself look good? 


How about your tone of voice? Yes, even the written word will have a tone of voice to your reader. It will be their own voice they are hearing when they read your words and who do you think they are going to listen to?  


Be careful of your written words online or even out in public. 


Are you projecting a positive or negative vibe about life and your business? 


As you may or may not know, I am Co-Owner and Co-Founder of The Power Affiliate Club 


Lesly and I have had many conversations about our own progress online and how hard we have worked to lead others in the right direction.  In fact, I talked with Lesly earlier today and it was amazing how much our thoughts, plans and visions for PAC were alike.  I think you will find it kind of interesting to read her post too.  Are Your Efforts Aligned With Your Wants


We created PAC especially for those who are starting out and who need to learn how to make money online without draining your pockets to get the education you need.


We know there are far too many people out there who can’t afford hundreds of dollars to invest in their education but are perfectly willing to spend $10.00 to $20.00 to learn and educate themselves and that is what PAC is based upon and what we are here to provide.


Please don’t be bullied by those who will try and “guilt” you into paying huge amounts of money to get an education. 


We have a variety of many types of professionals among our membership and many of them offer their services at very affordable rates. PAC is developing and evolving each and every day, leading and teaching by example.

Benefits of PAC:
Basic (Free) Membership:
Benefits –

Community Group Activities

Blog Rotator
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Top Member Commentator Contest
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To participate in these activities, you must join the Facebook PAC Community
PAC Newsletter Updates

PAC Member
Benefits –

All of the above, plus:

Affiliate link Submission and promotion (20 links max)
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Affiliate School
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Opportunity to teach a workshop
Must be a member in the Facebook PAC Community

For information on our new feature; TOP PAC’R Membership that is in the creation process right now, visit our member benefits page.


I would like to share this video made by Lesly.  It is less than a 10 minute video. Lesly Federici explains all about The Power Affiliate Club>>> What is PAC Community Marketing 


We have made a few changes and improvements since that video was made. For example instead of using a spreadsheet for blog visiting and commenting, we now use a rotator and the same rotator is used for #pacblitz which is our Facebook Fan Page Syndication activity. 


So, if you are still struggling to get started online and don’t have tons of money to spend,


arrow5-aClick Here To Go To PAC, The Power Affiliate Club


This just may be what you are looking for.  Just because our prices are affordable, doesn’t mean your education and support will be inferior in any way.

See you in the PAC Community. 


If you have found value to this post and can see the benefit of The PAC Community please share with your associates and anyone that can benefit and by all means, join us. 


Have You Been Scoping Yet

Have You Been Scoping Yet

Periscope is the relatively new social medium that is growing each and every day (Owned by Twitter and launched on March 26, 2015). I tried my first scope sometime last week and I’m sure happy that it disappeared after 24 hours if you don’t save it for repurposing to YouTube or your own blog.


Donna Merrill (@Donna Merrill on Periscope) introduced me to this great lady, Delilah Taylor and from what I can see and tell, Delilah has become quite an expert in using Periscope.


On Periscope you can find her @Delilah Taylor – The Couch Queen. Delilah also has a great Periscope Basic Training Video on YouTube. 


I’m having a few issues with my Android and my planned scoping schedule but that’s just another “small hurdle” to overcome. I plan on providing updated information on Periscope about Power Affiliate Club (PAC), the Shortcut Quick Tip Videos, writing, advertising and marketing tips. 


I wrote a post on the Power Affiliate Club, going a little bit more in detail about Periscope… Periscope, Reviewing and Learning  


You can find me on Periscope @MonnaEllithorpe and I will be saving my “Scopes” to my YouTube Channel and/or right here on my blog. 


I just finished the first Scope on the PAC Spirit Week Day #1 Member. Oops, the writing on the screen is backwards. Oh well, you live and learn. You can watch it here on Periscope  or later I will be uploading it to my YouTube channel.  


I do remember that Delilah had mentioned something about “things being backwards.” I will be watching her basic Periscope video again. LOL


If you missed the Scope from the above link, then catch the replay on YouTube

arrow5-aBe sure to share your Periscope ID in the comments below. If you found some humor and good information in this post, sharing would be greatly appreciated.

To your success,


Have You Been Scoping Yet

There Is A Fine Line Between Writing and Marketing

There Is A Fine Line Between Writing and Marketing

Writers don’t want to be Marketers and Marketers don’t want to be Writers but in real life, to succeed in writing, you have to learn marketing and in marketing, you have to learn writing.  Which means: “There is a fine line between writing and marketing.”

Catch-22 What Do You Do?

finelinesbetweenwritingandmarketing-300x225For a long time, a lot of writers didn’t want to cross that line and I am among one of those who could not see how narrow-minded that was. I was loyal to my writing and nothing was going to get me to cross that line again. I thought people would not take me seriously as a writer if I spent time marketing.


Maybe you are approaching or already to that imaginary line within the two professions and you just don’t know what to do. 


Unless you are living independently without worrying about money coming in, then you can pay someone or a company to do your marketing and advertising for you and you can continue writing merrily along with your next project. 


Most of us do not fall within that area of privilege and we have to be both writer and advertiser for our writing or books to get noticed and make sales but we also have to seek a form(s) of passive income to pay bills so that we are able to move forward with our dreams. 


Marketers also have to write in order to keep their blogs alive, along with writing articles, Twitter posts, Facebook posts and keep yourself in the spotlight of your social media platforms all of the time.


This Strategy Is Perfect

Fortunately, I have a couple of suggestions for you that work for me and some of my writing colleagues. This strategy is perfect for the dilemma that writers face and also solves some problems that marketers face. 


If you aren’t aware or have never heard of PAC (The Power Affiliate Club) then I have some valuable information to share with you. 


PAC: Members Helping Members (Powered by Bloggers, Member Driven) is an exceptional group of people who work hard every day to make their dreams come true, no matter what they are. 


PAC’s membership includes; Doctors, Nurses, Writers, Poets, Photographers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Nutritionists, Video Specialists, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Blogging Experts, Therapists, Marketing Consultants, Social Media Experts, Self Employed Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants, Teachers, Realtors and I am sure there are more professions I have failed to mention. 


My point is that each member freely devotes time and energy to build the PAC Community and in turn they receive help with advertising, sharing of their blogs and Facebook Fan Pages likes, shares and comments and shares on other social media sites. The more effort you put into the Community, the more recognition you will receive for you and your profession. 


Now doesn’t this sound like an awesome solution to your tight-rope act of trying to decide every day whether to devote your precious time to writing or marketing or the chosen dream you are working towards? 


Devote maybe 30 minutes or one hour or more each day to the PAC Community and your efforts will be acknowledged in many different ways and by many different people. 


The Power Affiliate Club is free to join but there are paid levels available that give you more “Perks” within the Community. 


We have been told we are charging way less than we should. One reason for that is because we know how hard it is to get started and paying out large amounts of money each month is just not doable for most people. We have all agreed that we can provide value, support and encouragement at reasonable rates without compromising the benefits to our members.


Read more about PAC and the Community at and the benefits of becoming a PAC’r.


One of the ways that some of the PAC members have found to advertise and also earn some extra money is to join Traffic Monsoon – If you are interested in how we support each other, contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


Okay, I admit it, I am quite biased when it comes to PAC since I am co-owner and co-founder of PAC, along with Lesly Federici but it is something we both believe is going to continue to grow and keep providing value online for years to come.


I also would like to take a minute and acknowledge Kathryn Maclean who has graciously stepped up to be our “Welcome Lady” to greet all of our new members. Stop and say Hi to Kathryn and let her know she is doing a fantastic job.


Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 pm EST we have a Community Hangout. You may want to stop by and check that out to see what’s going on. Look for the reminder posts on Facebook with the Hangout link to join in.



If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank you 


Be sure to sign up for my mailing list where I will be providing you with information every arrow5-aweek about learning to combine your niche with marketing (i.e. writing and marketing, art and marketing, photography and marketing, etc.)   There will be a reminder notice as you leave the site.


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