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Scrivener Learning Curve

Scrivener Learning Curve

In this face-paced internet world everything seems to go a little faster and we find ourselves wanting to move faster and work faster than what we would normally. This is a story of the valuable lesson I learned by not taking heed to the Scrivener Learning Curve.


I had tested Scrivener out for quite a while and decided I was going to buy it for my writing, since my future books are going to be mystery novels and I wanted something to be able to keep track of details and timelines. Using a regular word processor wasn’t going to do the trick for me.


I took a look at Scrivener’s 300 page tutorial and decided just to skim over it. I’ve worked with enough software to figure it out. Bad, bad, bad mistake.


I took part in NaNoWriMo 2015 and I was determined this year I was going to get to my goal of 50k words and I did make it just a few days before the end of November 2015.


Using Scrivener, I had all of my chapters named, the characters detailed and using the corkboard, I also color coded the chapters as I proofread them for the first time, second time, etc.


I was well on my way to putting my 50k word novel to format and was planning to publish probably early in 2017.


I kind of set my book writing and editing aside for a while to tend to some family issues.


About two weeks ago, I decided to start working on my novel again. I opened up the Scrivener files and everything was “GONE!” I’m thinking “You’ve got to be kidding me. I backed everything up and made sure I had extra copies and even bought an external drive to use for backups.”


I thought, I just pulled up the wrong file. Not to worry, not to worry. Hah, worry turned in to total shock when I realized all or most of the backups I had made were empty and I had lost my 50k word novel, along with a couple of other book ideas I had been working on.


I spent days going over those files, looking in each folder and trying to recover my loss. I did manage to recover about 9k words of my 50k word novel. I may not ever be able to recreate those chapters but I will keep trying.


So you may be thinking, I’m going to steer you away from buying Scrivener for your writing. Nope, just the opposite. I still highly recommend Scrivener for writing with the caveat to actually read the manual and/or look for videos on YouTube so you can learn about “How Scrivener Saves Your Files.”


Scrivener for MAC (aff.)


Scrivener for Windows (aff.)


I also recommend backing up to a cloud storage, like DropBox (aff.) which is free for 16 GB of space and a small monthly fee if you need more room. Do your backups manually or set your Scrivener software to backup to DropBox all of the time. Scrivener does not save as easy and clicking on File and Save which most of us are used to.


If you have any questions about Scrivener or the lesson I learned the hard way, don’t hesitate to ask. I would not want anyone to go through losing so much of their work like I have and unfortunately it’s my own fault. I would like to help prevent that for anyone else.


If you write, do you use some sort of writing software or a word editor by itself? Share with us in the comments section.


Heads UP! I’m working on a new series of books called KayleeAnn’s Mysteries and “yes” I am using Scrivener with special care taken to the backups. They will be somewhat like the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery books. I loved reading those books and hope that my readers will also enjoy the books I write.


Look for the first one to be out by the end of 2016 or first of 2017.


Scrivener Learning Curve

Consistency In Writing And Blogging

Consistency in Writing And Blogging

Hi everyone. it’s been a month since I made a post on my blog. Shame on me. I’ve done pretty good at keeping up and posting consistently each week until the end of March 2016 but I won’t bore you with details, just know that I’m trying to work my way back to what I love to do online. 


Have you noticed I’ve changed the look of my blog again? As a woman, I compare this to the need to rearrange my furniture in my house every now and then. LOL My Dad hated when I moved furniture when I was growing up and so did my husband. That never seemed to stop me though. 


Okay, here’s my post and it will be a little bit of rambling on what I’ve been up in terms of content to help you in your writing and marketing, etc.


1. This one month’s break does prove that if you are not consistent with engagement with people and posting to your blog, then you will lose exposure and visitors to your site. There’s nothing new for them to read or learn, so they stop coming.


2. You can finally get a book done that you have been working on little by little. I decided to make it available as a PDF version first before the Kindle version comes out and then it will be released in paperback later on. I had forgotten the feeling of accomplishment that you have when you hit that “Publish” button on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site.


3. Love testing out new products and software for review. I’m looking forward to telling you about what I’ve found. Of course some were shared with me but I always like to give my own opinions, one way or the other about how something works or doesn’t work.


4. We are getting closer to the time that Alicia Osmera will have her first book published. It’s been great working with her and getting it ready to go. I find great joy in also seeing the excitement when I help new authors publish their first book.


5. Can you believe it? PAC (The Power Affiliate Club) is coming up on its 2-year anniversary in just a few days. We are running a 2-year anniversary contest and you could win free advertising. The contest runs from May 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016. Be sure to read the rules of the contest. If you are not already a member of PAC, better check it out soon.


6. I’ve decided to reactivate the Facebook group; Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing. Join us in the group and start sharing your writing and get feedback and opinions from the other members.


Be aware that you might see some more changes on the blog until I decide on the theme I want to use. I welcome any suggestions or ideas you might have. Tell me what you think about the theme and its look at the time you are visiting.


Did you know there is a book called “Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter?” I didn’t know it and I grabbed my copy of it as soon as I saw it. It’s available in Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audible and MP3 CD.


I’m sure you are familiar with the original book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. If not, you should read it. I’ve read the original off and on for years but never have made it all of the way through until finished.


Mr. Hill wrote the original, obviously from a man’s point of view and while men and woman both can benefit from the original, Think and Grow Rich for Women is written from a women’s perspective to wealth-building from a modern standpoint for women. I think this book is long overdue.


I’m finding a tremendous amount of new information and inspiration from Sharon’s book. If you decide to purchase the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and did it help you any?


arrow5-aThank you for reading and appreciate the sharing if you found value in this post.



How To Transfer Files From PC To PC

How To Transfer Files From PC To PC

How many times have you had problems when you wanted to transfer files from PC to PC? Say you buy a new computer and all of your files are on the old one, you want to know “How to transfer files between computers.” 


I have a solution for you that was shared with me a couple of months ago. It was exactly what I needed and saved a tremendous amount of time when I had to get a new computer and was faced with transferring files. I am using my old computer for storage; sort of like an external hard drive. 


Thank you, William O’Toole. You don’t know how many hours of work this has saved me and when I share this with my visitors, they will be thanking both of us.  William’s site: is under revision right now, so it may not be available to see. 


The software is called TeamViewer ( ) and it comes at a pretty hefty price tag if you plan to use it for business or groups.

>>> Don’t stop reading, No affiliate link here.


But, hey, I do have some good news, if you are just using it to transfer your own files from an old computer to new computer or a single file to a friend, it’s free to use and ridiculously easy to work with. 


So once you have downloaded TeamViewer and set up your account (you only need one account) but the software will need to be on both computers. 


Go back to your old computer, start TeamViewer and you will see on the “Remote Control Panel” divided into two sections. The left side says “Allow Remote Control” and the right side will say “Control Remote Computer.” 


Each computer will have an ID and a password. The password is what you will use to connect the two computers. 


Now back to the destination computer and on the right side make sure the Partner ID entered is the ID from the old computer. Decide if you want remote control access of the old computer or just make a file transfer and click the dot next to your choice. 


Now, click on “Connect to Partner” and in a few seconds a TeamViewer Authentication box will pop up. This is where you will enter the password from the old computer and then click “Log On.” 


The next screen that pops up will show two sections. One will be the remote computer (old computer) and your working computer will be the local computer. 


Now all you have to do is to locate the file that you want to transfer to your working computer and drag it over to the “Local Computer.” If there are many files or a large file to be transferred, it’s suggested that you zip the folder up before transfer to make a shorter transfer time. 


In this same session, if you have files from the new computer that you want to store on the old computer, drag them from the “Local Computer” to the “Remote Computer” to whatever folder or location you want. 


Log out of TeamViewer on both computers and continue to work. 


I have made a short PowerPoint presentation below, going over the steps I have outlined above.

TeamViewer Presentation


arrow5-aThank you so much for your visit.  I hope you found this post helpful to you in your daily work.  If so, please comment below and share to your social sites. 


How To Transfer Files From PC To PC

Grammarly Review September 2015

Grammarly Review September 2015

GrammarlyReviewIconForPostI began my review of Grammarly on 9.2.2015 and this review is a step by step account of working with Grammarly for the last 19 days. 


The Basic Steps to sign up were easy and I was greeted with a welcome and a short tour of how this works. I didn’t realize that it was an app or extension to Chrome but I am going through the program to test everything I can to give a fair report.


I’ve included a Power Point presentation showing pictures as I went along in my review of Grammarly – >>>> Click here to get Grammarly Review Slides


Once I allowed the software to interact with Chrome, there was a small green icon to the top right corner of my Chrome browser. They provided a “demo document” so that you can see the errors and/or possible errors that Grammarly has found. The software showed a possible correction needed. I hovered over the “X” and that was to ignore the suggestion.


When I clicked on the “Check Mark,” that gave me possible options to use for correcting the mistake.  Clicking on the “more arrow,” gave me more examples and explanations as to why they thought this was a possible error. I closed the review window and the software accepted without any changes but there was an option to “Undo” that action.


Clicking the “Undo,” gave me the suggested correction again.  I clicked on it and it corrected the error. The program also, as one would expect, suggests correction of grammar and the way the sentence was structured and shows the completed document and offers a few more suggestions. 


You are prompted to download a detailed report (a PDF document), if you choose to do so.  This consists of the same thing  you read on the screen with your score and the document that had been checked is below. I didn’t save the report. I’m not sure there is a need for that unless maybe you are teaching about grammar, spelling, word structure and the software Grammarly.


One of its features highly recommended is the plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancement.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

I closed that section and then I was shown a prompt to download an Add-on that would work with Microsoft Word and Outlook.  This function is a premium feature, which I am testing a fully functional version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Review 3

Grammarly runs while you are online but you have the options to install the app to work with Microsoft Office and Outlook. Once you have it installed you will need to restart Outlook and/or Microsoft Office if either of them were running at the time of installation.


An unexpected feature was that the “Auto-Save” feature of Word is disabled when Grammarly in enabled.  If you are in the habit of saving on a regular basis, I would say this is not a problem but if you are used to Word saving for you automatically, you will need to change the habit.


The next screen popped up to inform me that the “Undo” feature is also disabled when Grammarly is enabled.

Grammarly Review 11

I tested an email in Outlook and deliberately put in a few words that I knew were spelled wrong and the grammar was also wrong.  Grammarly failed to catch the error in my sentence (We will saw what happens as I test it more.)  I ran through the check before taking a screenshot. Sorry. 


It did catch the other spelling errors I made and also when the same text was entered into Microsoft Word, the same errors were caught but not the grammar in the sentence mentioned above.


I just noticed when I began to reply to comments on my WordPress blog, that Grammarly also checked that for me. 


Grammarly also checks the text you write in a Twitter box for tweeting and/or a Facebook post.  There is a small green Grammarly circle at the bottom right corner. Hover over that to see if you have any mistakes that need correcting.  Even without hovering over the green dot, if there is a mistake, you will see a red dot with the number of errors found. Click on that to fix or ignore.


So far, my experience with Grammarly has been a positive one and if you write blog posts, create digital products, write stories, answer your blog comments or write just about anything, then this just may be one of the best tools you can invest in. 


Grammarly has the ability to check for errors on almost any site that you visit, although I don’t really see the benefit of that since it is not your site and you don’t want to be known online as the Grammarly Police, at least I don’t think you do. 

Grammarly Review 14

Grammarly causes Microsoft Word and Outlook to hesitate a few minutes while it loads up when you are attempting to compose an email and when typing in Word.  (i.e. The email program does not come up until Grammarly has loaded. I am running Microsoft Outlook 2007). There may not be any problems with hesitation at all on newer versions of Word and Outlook.

How much does Grammarly cost?

Grammarly is available for free to Google Chrome users and offers the following subscription plans to Grammarly Premium:

Monthly $37.95  or  $29.95 /month

Quarterly  $74.95  or  $59.95 /quarter or  $19.98 per month

Annual  $174.95  or  $139.95 /year  or  $11.66 per month


You do have the option to enable or disable Grammarly at any time.


I have not seen that the Grammarly feature is available with:

Windows Journal

Microsoft NotePad or WordPad



Open Office


Grammarly does work when using Evernote online. I’m not sure about offline, as I gain access to my Evernote files online.


I consulted The AAMT Book of Style by Claudia Tessier, 1995 Edition and according to this guide, Grammarly does tend to suggest over-use of commas.  The Book of Style suggests using caution and not use too many commas.  I am a trained former medical transcriptionist, so my writing style and my preference is to not use the many commas Grammarly suggested.



Very easy to work with.

Works with Evernote.

Easy to enable or disable.

Compatible with WordPress Editor and Commenting.

Checks your Twitter and Facebook posts.



Somewhat slow with using Microsoft Word and Outlook 2007.

Grammarly does not work with some other PC programs (see above).

The “Auto-Save” and “Undo” features of Word and Outlook are disabled when Grammarly is enabled.

There is a tendency toward suggesting too many commas.



So the Pro’s win over the Con’s in my assessment of Grammarly. 


My overall opinion of Grammarly, especially when writing novels, short stories, blogs and comments is; this is a good investment and worth the price to keep your writing and grammar in check and will save you from those embarrassing misspelled words, grammar errors and punctuation.

The #1 Writing Tool


NOTE: I am an affiliate of Grammarly and if you decide to subscribe through my link, I will receive compensation for your subscription. 

Grammarly Review September 2015

3 Creative Writing Tools Online Just For You…

3 Creative Writing Tools Online Just For You…

3 Creative Writing Tools Online Just For YouAnother week has passed and time for a new post.  I have been looking at different writing programs and other tools to help writers out and this week I have come up with three that I think you will find very helpful to you. 

First, I downloaded but I have not extensively tested out Scrivener for writing. You can check it out here for yourself if you like ( (Non affiliate). 

In the meantime, I have found nine others that I will check out and let you know about as I work with them. 

Read the rest of this entry

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