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How To Work With IBOToolbox Effectively Each Day

IBOToolbox Is Still Free… Since I started working with IBOToolbox (Independent Business Owner) again back in February of 2014, I have been working with it quite a bit to see how well it would benefit you as a marketer to advertise the sale of your books, articles, physical items or even your blog posts. 


See the article IBOToolbox Review.  IBOToolbox does seem quite a bit overwhelming when you first start out with it.  It’s almost unbelievable that a marketing platform with so much to offer is provided to marketers for free; but it is.  It started out free in in 2010 and in 2016, it is still free to use.  By being active on IBOToolbox you will earn ad credits or you do have the option to purchase credits but that is up to you. Your membership features are the same whether you earn ad credits or if you buy ad credits. Read the rest of this entry

Review Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Enstine Muki


affmarketingforbloggers-tacThere have been quite a few reviews written lately on the newly released e-book Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Enstine Muki; as I wrote in a comment about Enstine’s book.



“I have been following Enstine for probably a year now and believe me, it is as though everything he creates, has had a “good luck spell” put on it but in truth, Enstine is a smart marketer and he is happy to share his findings with others.”  

Read the rest of this entry

Sharing Keyword Research Results

Sharing Keyword Research Results

Off and on now for the last few weeks, I have made it a point to notice search terms and keywords that I look for.  


It only takes a few minutes to look and see if a fellow PAC member is ranking on the first page of Google for a particular keyword or for a long-tailed key phrase.  


The other day I came across a program that I have never heard of, so I typed in “what is premier cash back” and I noticed that Joy Healey one of our PAC members was showing on Page #1 at the 2nd position in Google for her personal website. I just checked again before writing this post and she is still in the same position as before.  


I contacted her to let her know and she responded: “WOW!! Thanks for telling me that – I never even thought to check.  Sometimes you slog away thinking you’re getting nowhere, so I really appreciate you letting me know.”  


Now I’m not saying you need to spend a great amount of time doing this unless it is a service you provide but it does help the morale of people when they know that their efforts are actually working for them. 


I thought since I was writing this post, I would take some random terms and enter them into Google search and see what comes up. My searches are not including paid ads at the top of the pages.  



“What is Traffic Monsoon”:  The results showed Alicia Osmera (PAC Member) and Gillian Wright (Former PAC Member) showing on the first page of Google with their G+ post.  


“Traffic Monsoon review”: Shows William O’Toole in 6th position on Page #1 of Google. 


“How to make money online”:  This is a highly competitive keyword-phrase, but the search shows our own Lesly Federici on the first page, at position #7 and Joan Harrington at position #9 through their G+ actions. 


“Work from home jobs”:  Shows my own G+ page in position #8.  


“Make money selling ebooks”:   Shows Adrienne Smith in position #11, also for her G+ posting.  


Now of course if you can rank on page #1 with a keyword that goes back to your own branded site, like Joy Healey above, that’s even better but this little bit of research also shows that we should not discount Google+ in terms of exposure and free advertising.  


The stats above can change at any time but if you consistently come up on the first page for a key phrase, as in Joy’s case, then you are on the right track with your SEO (search engine optimization).  


I will be the first to admit that I am not a scholar when it comes to keyword research but I keep at it and like everything else you do online, “Never Give Up.”  


When you are doing keyword research, take a minute to notice if any of your associates are ranking #1 on Google for a keyword-phrase. They will appreciate the time you took to share that valuable information with them.  


Did this post help you in any way? I sure hope so and if it did, please share with your associates and on your social sites.  


Have a wonderful New Year and much success,

May I Have Your Permission?

May I Have Your Permission?

You are probably thinking that is a strange title for a blog post but I will explain and link it all together as we go along. So, May I Have Your Permission to put my blog post out there for you to read? 



We all know marketing has taken a dramatic change in the last few years, towards being more focused on human engagement, instead of SEO, which is still important but not the be all, end all that it used to be. 


I attended a webinar the other evening and the presenter from time to time would ask permission to show a new PowerPoint slide or introduce a new screen to a crowd of over 600 people that showed up for the webinar. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone conduct a webinar this way. 


I thought to myself at the time, while it was very different and he was being more interactive with his audience, I found myself saying, “Just get on with it.” We’ve given you our permission by giving our name and email address to be able to attend the webinar. Although it was a nice gesture. 


As I was doing a little bit of research on writing this post, I came across a book written by Seth Godin called Permission Marketing.

Who is Seth Godin, you ask? Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. While he is credited with many business ventures online, I believe that Squidoo is the most famous, or at least for me. 


In March 2006, Godin launched Squidoo, a community website that allowed users, called “lensmasters,” to create pages (called “lenses”) for subjects of interest. The site donated 5 percent of the profits to charity, and 50 percent to the lensmasters (Ref. Sadly, for a huge number of marketers and myself, we lost a large part of our residual income when Mr. Godin sold Squidoo in August of 2014. 


The traditional way of marketing from print ads to TV commercials to billboards and running strips on the bottom of your TV screen is slowly going by the way-side, but many major companies are still shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for what is now called “Interruption Marketing.”  


Think about it, most commercials you see on TV do not catch your attention at all and you use that time to go to the kitchen for something to eat or drink or take a nature break so you are back when your “Interrupted” show comes back on. 


I will have to say and I’m fairly certain this will ring true with many that cute baby and cute dog commercials still capture our attention and as bad as I hate to say it, some of the dumbest commercials will catch your attention just because of the stupidity. 


Okay, I find that I’m rambling on and on and I need to “Just get on with it.” 


Now that I think back on that webinar I attended the other night, it did take away the pressure and the feeling of, “What’s coming up next?” The presenter was treating all 600+ of the attendees as people, not potential “cash cows.” 


By asking permission, he was giving us the option to leave at any time, which we could do anyway, but there was no feeling of dread about what he was going to show us next. We were given the decision to stay or go. We agreed and we stayed to see what was next. 


Even though I did not purchase his product, just because of his different approach and respect for the people who showed up to hear him speak, I did take a second look and as you see he did make an impression on me. I’m writing this post for you to read, Right? 


Personal engagement is and has been “coming back” into style again. I know you’ve heard it over and over, but it’s true that building a relationship is what people expect. Think about how you like or don’t like to be introduced to a new product or opportunity; that will give you the answer. 


Think of the many, many different people you will meet and learn about their lifestyles and cultures of their countries. You will be rewarded in so many more ways than you ever dreamed of. 


If you are still trying to work online by spamming people, which has now picked up the new term of “Interruption Marketing,” then you need to get Seth Godin’s book to learn the difference and benefits of “Permission Marketing” and/or join The Power Affiliate Club ( ) so you can work with a group of people who already know the difference.  


JOIN PAC HERE >>>>>> Power Affiliate Club

PURCHASE SETH’S BOOK HERE  >>>>> Permission Marketing

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The Guru Who Ignored Me

The Guru Who Ignored Me

I’ve been following this particular affiliate marketer for about 10 or 12 years online (one of my first mentors). From time to time I have emailed her with a question and she always replied within a few days. I always reminded myself, “I want to be like her and make sure I keep in contact with my followers.” Well today I felt like this person became “The Guru Who Ignored Me.”


I’m still giving her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she is very busy and will answer me as a friend as she always had in the past. The response I received from her was an obvious automated response that said:


“Due to the very large volume of emails I receive, please go to my help desk at for help and product support.
Thank you so much for your understanding!
~xxxxxxxxxx ”


I didn’t need help for a product or support with one of her products, I just had a simple question about a new product she was recommending.


Maybe I am making too much of a big deal about it but my feelings were hurt by this person who always seemed to make a conscious effort to respond to my questions in the past (which have not been excessive; maybe 2 to 3 in the last 10 to 12 years). I believe I would rather have not received any response at all than to receive the “canned response” I got.  


So today I am now saying, “I DO NOT want to be like her and ignore my followers.”


This turned out to be a little ranting and venting on my part, but I would truly like to know what would be your answers to the following questions:


1. Am I being too judgmental?
2. Should I have just let it go without feeling hurt?
3. Would you have rather received nothing as opposed to a canned response?
4. Am I just being a “Brat?”


Answer completely and honestly. I’m a big girl, I can take it. LOL


I really hate to stop following her but I wonder if she is now one of those that I consider who has “crossed over that line.”


Just as Doctors, I believe they start out with the right intentions and wanting to help people but somewhere along the line they become jaded and money turns their heads and they no longer care to tend to or associate with the people who helped them get where they are today.

arrow5-aI would really, really like to see a meaningful discussion in the comments section about this. Tell me what you think and share with your associates and social sites.


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