Cowboy Tru and the Texas Barbeque

About the Author

For some reason or another Amazon won’t let me write a review on BG’s book.  I guess since I helped publish it, they feel I may create an awesome review just because. I found this WordPress plugin, so I will create reviews on the books Amazon will not let me comment on. 

I look forward to working with BG on her next book.

It’s true, I would be writing an awesome review because it is a great children’s story.  I do love BG’s stories she has created for her children and grandchildren.  

To make the stories more interesting, she uses her grandchildren’s names for the characters in her stories and poems.  

Children and adults like “Cowboy Tru and the Texas Barbeque” for the lighthearted story, colorful pictures and the subtle lesson that the story teaches. 

Look for BG’s other books:  

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