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Alicia Osmera

Alicia Osmera was born and raised in Denver, CO by her parents Rev. Frank and Barbara Agnew. She received her Respiratory Therapy credentials in 1992 and has been licensed to practice in Colorado for over twenty years. 

Hobbies include riding with her husband on their 1997 Harley Davidson Softail, her grandchildren, Texas Hold’em and writing and reading.


Alicia has been dedicated to the field of respiratory therapy for over twenty four years. In 2011 after the loss of her job she sat down and just started to write. What she composed has become the first murder mystery, love story book based upon her knowledge as a respiratory therapist.

Yes, she admires the physicians and nurses that make patients lives better; however not much is written about the career choice of being a respiratory therapist and how vital they are to caring for a loved one that is critically ill.

Terror in the North Tower is Alicia’s first book but I have an idea there may be more in the future.  Get your copy by clicking on either link below for paperback or Kindle version. 

Terror in the North Tower is based in an unusual setting. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book based and created from the view of a respiratory therapist, so this was a new experience for me.  

Alicia has pulled this off quite nicely.  There is both suspense, mystery and of course romance mixed in this story while the characters are dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis that kept you reading and wanting more. 

For a great book you can’t put down, I highly recommend this book if the murder and mystery genre is your “cup of tea.”  

Terror in the North Tower is available in paperback, a Kindle version and soon to be available for the NOOK electronic reader. 



Alicia has been interviewed by Toni Nelson of Toni Nelson Means Business.com you can listen to the interview here >>>>> Author Interview Series: Alicia Osmera




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