Weekly Writing Prompt 2-6-2018

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Weekly Writing Prompt 2-6-2018

Each week on Tuesdays, I post a Weekly Writing Prompt and anxiously I await participation from anyone who is a writer, a wanna-be writer or just a writer joining in for fun.  

But that does not always happen and I have problems understanding that. But then I remind myself that not all of us have the passion for writing like I do and the thrill of creating a beautiful poem or a suspenseful story that a reader just can’t put down. 

It would be a pretty boring world if we all liked and did the same things.  Am I right? 

So like every Tuesday, I’m posting the Weekly Writing Prompt for 2/6/2018. 

If you aren’t interested, that’s okay but maybe you can share this post with someone who may like to write and hasn’t found my site yet. 

You can look back on the previous prompts from here >>>Previous Weekly Writing Prompts  From this page look to the top and click on “Creative Writing” and there will be a drop-down menu with the previous writing prompts.


red-dotTurn On The Radio And Write A Story Based On The First Song You Hear.

red-dotOpen up a magazine and point to a random picture. Write about the people in the picture. What are they doing?

I hope this gives you the incentive to do so.

Writing is such a wonderful way to express your feelings and be creative at the same time.

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Thank you for visiting and participating.

God Bless







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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Monna,

    Here is my post:

    A song on the radio.

    The Wishing Game

    (c) Copyright 2018 – BG Jenkins

    Read BG’s full story here: http://monnaellithorpe.com/blog/the-wishing-game/

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