The Suggestion Box

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The Suggestion Box

A mysterious box
Found in front of our door
Had this written on top
“Wise Advice to Explore.”

The_Suggestion_BoxI picked it up slowly,
And I shook it a bit-
Then I wondered aloud,
“What the world is in it?”

I cracked open the lid
To find note cards inside
With quotes and suggestions
For insight for my life.

“When you read from these cards
You will never be lost.
Find your purpose in life,
For it is worth the cost.

May your purpose lead straight
To the gems on your path:
Find a road that’s well lit
And bring bundles of laughs.

May laughter be golden
And your kindred divine;
May friends be the treasures
You are looking to find,

And when thinking of love
Wear your heart on your sleeves;
Always give it away
To help others in need.

Think highly of others,
And speak kindly to all.
Work hard and live fully-
It will strengthen your call.”

And when onward I went
I was purposed to see
That all these suggestions
Were just perfect for me.

-BG Jenkins ©2018

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This was written by BG Jenkins from the Weekly Writing Prompt 1/30/2018

The prompt was: A Mysterious Box Shows Up In Your Mailbox…


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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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4 responses to “The Suggestion Box”

  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Thanks so much, Monna. These writing prompts really do help.

  2. Loved reading this poetry, what a treasure to find on your doorstep

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