Something Very Special

  This is a short piece I wrote in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 1/9/2018 on my blog.  You a potter, create a very special jar which holds…….?   Day after day, I go into my garage and sit down to my potter’s wheel and create the same types of cups, bowls and plates


Weekly Writing Prompt 1-16-2018

  Keep writing everyday to keep the fresh new ideas coming in. Save your prompt writing pieces or not but you will be all the better for another writing experience. WRITING PROMPTS: A homeless man on a park bench is awakened by an angel. What’s your dream job? What’s holding you back from doing that


Writing Prompt 1-9-2018

There’s not really much you can say about a “Writing Prompt” except that it is meant to activate an idea in your head when you read the prompt. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! Many time I’ve read a Writing Prompt and absolutely nothing came to mind. Other times, I’ve got an idea coming to

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