Self-Improvement Top 10s

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Self-Improvement Top 10s

How many times have you been working on a blog post or a presentation and find that you needed something to finish it; to make it just right?

Self-Improvement Top 10sYou’re just not sure yet what it is you need but having content that’s already created for you to “tweak” with your brand and voice to it would make it so much easier. 

Have you thought about using good quality PLR (Private Label Rights) packages to work with and offer to your clients? 

I have a coupon for you to take advantage of this weekend.

Your Coupon Code Is: TOP10   and this will save you $20.00 off this weekend. 

I use PLR all of the time but I rewrite to show my writing style. The content is good the way it is but you need to make it yours. 

Click on the photo below to get your package and remember to use Your Coupon Code: TOP10   and this will save you $20.00 off this weekend.  


Self Improvement Package

This huge bundle includes the following:

  • 10 Self-Improvement Top 10 Lists: You get 10 illustrated lists (.doc) featuring the top 10 tips for each self-improvement topic. Turn them into attractive PDF documents and use them as lead magnets. Display them on your website. Or use them to create informative videos – the design and script are all ready for you.

Topics Include:

1. Top 10 Ways to Be More Productive
2. Top 10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination
3. Top 10 Ways to Get Healthier
4. Top 10 Ways to Think More Positively
5. Top 10 Ways to Embrace Gratitude
6. Top 10 Ways to Overcome Grief
7. Top 10 Ways to Become More Confident
8. Top 10 Ways to Become a Better Leader
9. Top 10 Ways to Get Organized
10. Top 10 Ways to Have a Better Relationship

You also get with this; 

10 E-Cover sets that are designed by professionals, in JPG and .PSD formats with flat cover and 1 x 3D version.

10 Opt-in pages to use for lead generation. The opt-in copy is WordPress ready for you.

This viral / lead magnet content package can be used in so many ways.

  • Use them as highly-targeted lead magnets to grow your list. Having one generic lead magnet in the sidebar of your website isn’t enough. You need an opt-in offer that’s related to the content your audience is consuming as they visit your site. For example, if you have a video about podcasting, you’ll get more subscribers if you have a podcasting opt-in offer. It seems simple enough, but most people don’t have the time to create all the lead magnets.
  • Turn them into viral blog posts. Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, especially when it’s on topics that really matter to them. Each top 10 includes 10 copyright-free images, so you’ve got a visually-appealing blog post, ready to go.
  • Use them as a series of social media content. For example, take the “Top 10 Ways to Get Organized” list and share one suggestion each day. You can even link to your opt-in offer each time, so they can get the full top 10 list right away.
  • Quickly churn out a podcast or video series. The script is ready for you…just read and record. Post your podcast to iTunes, add your video to YouTube…and of course, post both to your website and share them on social media and with your subscribers.

This opt-in content can be published on your blog, rebranded as your own, use on social media and more.

How about selling the content as an information product or 10 individual products? 

Add your affiliate links to affiliate products or promote your own products.

I’m sure you can come up with many more ideas. 

Be creative.

The choice is yours!

Click on the photo below to get your package and remember to use Your Coupon Code: TOP10   and this will save you $20.00 off this weekend. 










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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Monna,
    I have to say I have tried to use some of it many years ago and then tried to revise what I had and it just didn’t work for me… however, I know that times have changed and that things evolve. Of course, it would give you more ideas to use and have content at hand. Something to consider. Thanks.

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