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Author_Interview_With_BG_JenkinsI would like to introduce you to a self-published author of children’s books, BG Jenkins. 

BG created the stories for her grandchildren and the books are named after them. 

My own grandchildren loved the stories she wrote. 

The graphics and illustrations in the books make it easy for younger children to know what’s happening in the book even if they are not able to read yet. 


There are a total of seven children’s books and another book that BG co-authored with two other writers; 

Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful

Cowboy Tru and the Texas Barbeque

Portrait of a Paintbrush: a collection of Children’s Poetry

Sweet Tooth Bakery: Story and Activity Book

Seren Chickadee: Tweet Songs from the Heart (and Other Poems)

Too Many Shoes for Tenlei: The Gift of Sharing

Papa Oak and the Grove: Home Sweet Home

Three Cord Sisters: Climbing Mountains with God

BG’s books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats (check Amazon for details) 

BG Jenkins Amazon Author Page 


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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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    • Thank you Brenda for being a guest. I really enjoyed talking with you. I’ll have to start doing follow ups to see what people get done in 6 months or a year.

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