Five More Minutes With Him

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Five More Minutes With Him

Five_More_Minutes_With_Him-1I turned the radio on and the first song I heard was; Scotty McCreery – Five More Minutes.

There are so many people that I wish I had just five more minutes with before they left this world.

So many times we hear and see that we should be grateful and thankful for the opportunities to tell those we love how much we love them while are with us now because we never know how much time any one of us has on this earth.

Listen to that voice you hear. It may be God; It may be an angel but when you hear that voice tell you to “Go meet someone you love and tell them that, or go to them because they need you.” Do what that voice is telling you.

In 1997, my mother had a stroke while sitting in church on a Sunday evening. I usually called her every Saturday or Sunday but I didn’t listen to the voice of God or the angel when they told me to go ahead and call her on Saturday.

That night I was working and told myself I would call her tomorrow (Sunday). She never came to after having the stroke in the church that evening and I never got to tell her how much I loved her and to hear her voice one last time.

I’ve carried that regret with me since 1997 but I know there’s nothing I can do about it. She knew that I loved her but it would have been wonderful to have talked to her one last time and to have “5 More Minutes.” 

Fast forward to other times and the regrets again that I did not listen to the voice of God or the angel; I missed those “5 More Minutes” with many friends, three brothers in law, a cousin and an aunt.

In 2008, my husband as most of you already know passed away. I had been with him at the hospital every day and night and every hour that I could. I came home to rest.

He called me and although he didn’t come right out and ask me to come back to the hospital, there was something different about his voice that evening and I “DID” listen to God’s voice and I went back to the hospital.

I have no regrets this time. We spent the last few hours of his life together because I listened to the Angel of God when I was told to drive back to the hospital.

Five_More_Minutes_With_Him-2Again, if you’ve read any of my other stories about my husband, then you’ll know I have never talked about the last few minutes and I’ll probably never will. That was our time together. He was going to be with God and I wanted to selfishly hang on and keep him here with me.

I demanded that the doctor “NOT” follow through with the DNR order (Do Not Resuscitate) and save him in any way they could. The doctor pulled me aside and reminded me that this is what he (my husband) wanted and he would have no quality of life with machines breathing for him.

I reluctantly agreed and gave permission again to follow the DNR order. He passed away about 3:15 am the morning of Sunday, August 17, 2008.

If I had “5 More Minutes” to spend with those I didn’t talk to before they passed, I would tell them how much I love them; how they were so important to me in my life and that I will remember them always.

I thank God every day that I listened to Him when He told me to get back in the car and go to my husband. I had the last Five More Minutes with him and they were “our” last five minutes together.

The voices of the Angels and God will give you “5 More Minutes” if you just listen to the voice.

© Copyright 2018 – Monna Ellithorpe






Scotty McCreery – Five More Minutes

This was written in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 2/6/2018.

The prompt was to: Turn On The Radio And Write A Story Based On The First Song You Hear.


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