Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project

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Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next ProjectWho wants to get one-on-one help with cleaning and organizing your computer?

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I will walk through the steps that I take to clean my computer and keep it organized and show you how the ways of  “Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project”


In the video below, my computer is a mess right now but I left it that way intentionally to give you an idea of the time I waste looking for a file or a photo that I know I have but just don’t remember where I put it.

Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project ConfusedYou can do a search but let’s face it; sometimes you just don’t remember what you named it.

The method I show you may not be your ideal solution or preference in organization but it’s meant to at least give you an idea on how you may want to begin organizing your computer.

If you are ready to write your book or start any new project, this is so, so very important that you set up your files from the beginning because the larger your book or project becomes, the more files you will have and it can almost bring you to the point of anger and tears and of giving up all together.

You don’t want to give up on any project you want to create, do you? Of course you don’t, so let’s get started and get organized.

Decide on how you want your computer files sorted.

Windows (sorry MAC users) uses a filing system of;

Desktop – My Documents (or Documents) – Music – Pictures – Videos – C Drive

Most people just go with the standard Windows format which is fine.

Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project desktopThe way I work and suggest is to keep a file on your desktop of the most recent project you are working on. When you are done with it, transfer it to “Documents,” to a thumb drive or an external drive and then delete the file from your computer.

If you do graphic design or something with a great number of pictures, that amount can become overwhelming in a very short time and then this starts your wasted time of wandering and searching for your pictures.

In “Documents” folder before it gets too far out of hand, decide if you are going to file your pictures by where you have used them which can create duplicate files (i.e. a new header for your blog can be in many sizes and used in many places if you are branding yourself and your name online). When branding use the same header on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. (all social sites).

Will it make it easier for you to find what you are looking for if you had a folder named “Blog” and everything went into that folder?

Or would it make more sense to you to create a folder and name it by what the picture is about?


Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project rosesFor example, I have tons and tons of pictures and photos of roses but I’ve never taken the time to think about a file structure. So because of that, I have pictures of roses in different folders and I’m continuously searching for the one picture I want to use in a post or a comment, etc.

In my case of so many rose pictures being used everywhere; it would make the greatest sense to create a folder in “Documents” called “Roses.” That way I would know exactly where the picture I need is filed in my “Rose” folder.

I also take quite a bit of pictures of plants, sunsets, sunrises, moons, etc. so to streamline the process, I would create a folder called “Nature” in My Documents folder and my “Rose” folder in that file. If I only had a few nature pictures, I wouldn’t need to create a sub-folder.

Let’s say you do work for clients; I start a folder in “My Documents” folder called “Client Files” and then a sub-folder with the clients name. I keep everything in that folder concerning any kind of work I do for that client (i.e. graphics, word documents, PDF files, invoices, etc.).

When I have completed the job for the client and I’ve been paid, I then zip the completed folder and transfer that folder to them either by email or using a cloud service like Dropbox (depending on the size of the file).

I make sure to remind the client that I will only hold their files for 30 days and after that, it’s up to them to keep their copies safe. After the 30 days have passed, I delete their folder from my hard drive, the thumb drive, the external drive, email and Dropbox (if used).

Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project filing systemSo as I write this post, I say that deciding on a filing system based on the picture content or file content is the best way to organize.

You will have far less duplicate files taking up space on your computer. Your computer is going to also work a lot faster with less garbage files taking up valuable space and save you lots of time aimlessly searching for a file or picture.

Just think, you won’t have to create a new picture or photo just because you couldn’t find the one you know you already have and deal with another duplicate.

You are now well organized and ready to tackle that new writing or graphic project.

Remember to leave a comment on my blog.  The names will be counted in the drawing starting on January 1, 2018 on this post and sign up for the “30 Days Affirmations” email series and each week one person will be chosen to work with me to “Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer for Your Next Project.”


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