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Weekly Writing Prompt 2-6-2018

Weekly Writing Prompt 2-6-2018 Each week on Tuesdays, I post a Weekly Writing Prompt and anxiously I await participation from anyone who is a writer, a wanna-be writer or just a writer joining in for fun.   But that does not always happen and I have problems understanding that. But then I remind myself that not


The Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box A mysterious box Found in front of our door Had this written on top “Wise Advice to Explore.” I picked it up slowly, And I shook it a bit- Then I wondered aloud, “What the world is in it?” I cracked open the lid To find note cards inside With quotes and


A Mysterious Box and Memories

A Mysterious Box and Memories My writing piece for this week is a combination of the two writing prompts from Weekly Writing Prompts 1-30-2018 The prompts were: A Mysterious Box Shows Up In Your Mailbox… AND A favorite childhood memory that seems like just yesterday. I jokingly made a comment about combining the two prompts and I


Weekly Writing Prompt 1-23-2018

Weekly Writing Prompt 1-23-2018 Just in case there is such a thing as “Writer’s Block” (I don’t believe there is, myself) join in with the Weekly Writing Prompts and keep practicing your creative writing craft every day. According to the “Success Consciousness blog”   Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a

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