A Mysterious Box and Memories

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A Mysterious Box and Memories

My writing piece for this week is a combination of the two writing prompts from Weekly Writing Prompts 1-30-2018

The prompts were: A Mysterious Box Shows Up In Your Mailbox… AND A favorite childhood memory that seems like just yesterday.

I jokingly made a comment about combining the two prompts and I decided to “practice what I preached.”  

So with that in mind, I created “A Mysterious Box and Memories.”

A_Mysterious_Box_and_MemoriesThe day, about a month ago started out pretty much like any other day. Get up, make the coffee, get dressed and start working. I work from home so the commute is minimal.

As I was into my second hour of work, I heard the doorbell sound. I wasn’t expecting anything but who doesn’t like surprises?

I opened the door and the mailman hands me this package. It wasn’t very big, maybe a 12×12 sized package and it actually felt empty; like nothing in there. I always shake a package, don’t you? But this one made no rattling sounds, no bump or clunk sound of any kind when I shook it.

I thanked the mailman and shut the door, looking over the package as I walked back to my home office.

There was no return address or stamp to say where it had come from. I don’t have to tell you, I was a little bit intrigued as well as a little nervous. I’m not a bad person but you never know with people who send bombs through the mail.

I told myself to stop creating a bad situation and open the package and see what it is.

As I broke through the strips of packing tape and was able to open the top of the box, I could see it was packed with care. So that’s why there was no movement at all when I shook the package.

I pulled the packing away and I stared down at this small stuffed animal. Almost immediately I remembered a time in my childhood and early teens when my best friend had a stuffed animal like this.

She named the one she had “Vark” and he is still vivid in my mind, sitting on the pillow of her bed every day and night, except when one of us was hugging the stuffin’ out of it.

varkI found this picture which is the closest thing I can find and similar to what it looked like but it was a blue/green color and was so very soft.

I reached in to grab hold of the stuffed animal and brought it out of the box. It was as soft and blue/green as I remembered. I turned it over and right there on the worn tag, you could see in faint letters “Vark.”

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I hugged “Vark.” I grabbed my cell phone and called my best friend. It rang a couple of times and then I heard her say “Hello” and I blurted out about what I had received in the mail and wondering why I’d received it.

After she quit laughing and I calmed down she told me that she found “Vark” packed away in a box.

She wondered if I would have the same recollections and memories of so many years ago that she did when she pulled it out of the box. 

It was obvious, we both remembered those times as children and our teen years and hugging “Vark” so long ago.

I guess it’s true that best friends like we are will always have that special connection that brought us together in the first place over 50 years ago.

I kept “Vark” for a few weeks and I sent him back to her with a note attached and dated 1/31/2018.

“Pack Vark away for another time when we both can be reminded of our shared friendship throughout the years.”

© 2018 Copyright – Monna Ellithorpe


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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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4 responses to “A Mysterious Box and Memories”

  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Monna,
    I enjoyed your mysterious box of memories. Sometimes, our childhood memories are the best and it’s lovely that you were able to relive them again through this story.

  2. Short and sweet – enjoyed it. I have been writing lyrics for over 50 years – now everything come out that way. Anything else seems like work. Maybe for the next prompt I might try a short story or a piece of prose. Keep ’em coming Monna.

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