A Connection To The Past

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A Connection To The Past

A_Connection_To_The_PastI am holding in my hands a battered, tattered book

I saw it on the bookshelf and just had to take a look.

The cover stained, page edges foxed

A history waiting to be unboxed,


For me, the pages of a volume such as this

Will always speak so loud and lead to an abyss

Where I become as one with the narrative within

And lose myself to some adventure waiting to begin.


A_Connection_To_The_Past1And then I think of others who have held this work before

Having found its heroines and heroes on some far, far, foreign shore

Did they read it to forget some dismal, dreary task

Or maybe, like me, it was simply to be enjoyed – why ask?


For reading is a pleasure, an indulgence to revere;

A diversion from whatever life brings, a new frontier.

But the greatest pleasure an old book can bring at last

Is to find a pale inscription, a connection to the past.


(c) Copyright 2018 – John R Dyhouse







John R Dyhouse

Artist, poet, musician, retired engineer/scientist, now on my way to becoming a novelist.


This piece written by John R Dyhouse was from a Weekly Writing Prompt 1/23/2018; The inscription in an old book.


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I have been writing in journals, diaries, poems and creating short stories since my teen years. Writing became a way to release the never-ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in my mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

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2 responses to “A Connection To The Past”

  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Monna,

    John has created a lovely poem. Thinking of those words and meanings in old battered books is something to ponder because our words and thoughts have evolved so much over time. What meanings did this book hold and what was this person’s life about as he/she was writing passages from times so foreign to us? Do we understand the meanings and are they still prevalent to us today? As John talks about a pleasure to read, it truly would be especially if it brings new concepts and understandings to us.

    • Hi Brenda, Yes, John did write a lovely poem. Your thoughts are exactly why I work on my family history at times. I know when I come across something that one of my ancestors touched or even wrote, I try to picture and wonder what they felt at that time. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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