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As part of a new activity for The Power Affiliate Club, we were asked to “Promote A Friend” and as you will find, I have chosen BG Jenkins.


bgjenkings-net-mle-blog-postDo you see this pretty lady in this picture? Her name is BG (Brenda) Jenkins. Well I would like to tell you a little bit about her. 


I met BG quite a while ago and for the life of me I cannot remember where I met her but that’s not important (Sorry BG). The important thing is that we did meet and we are friends now. She is such a gracious lady, friend and associate online to work with. 


I started looking through her blog to see what I could share with you about BG and her “gifts.” I found this little bit of information that seems appropriate to share. BG’s son had asked her if she was using her “gifts,” meaning her writing books, songs and poems for her own grandchildren; and she is. She is now sharing her “gifts” with many other children. You can read the full post here >>> BG Jenkins – Write-Writer 


I think Brenda was a lot like all of us in the beginning; not quite sure of what we wanted to do online, asking ourselves if my writing was good enough; why would anyone want to read what I write? 


It is sometimes hard, intimidating and scary to get past these road blocks when you are attempting to do something you have always wanted to do and now you have the chance to run with it.


Brenda has worked on her “gifts” all along and little by little she is now publishing those pieces she has written over the years, with awesome results.


I had the pleasure of working with Brenda on a couple of her books and I love getting beforehand looks at new books ready to be published (and I do keep my mouth closed until they are released). 


Brenda has a special way of writing for children and they absolutely love her stories, songs and poems. Visit her; BG Jenkins – Amazon Author Page 


ThreeCordSistersClimbingMountainsWithGodShe just recently completed and published a book with two other friends Rita Kreitzer and Cathy Smith called “Three Cord Sisters: Climbing Mountains with God”  


Brenda sent me a copy of their new book and I am ashamed to say that I have not read all of it YET but what I have read so far is full of uplifting passages from the Bible, their journeys in life and with family and interpretations of the Word.


You cannot help but be moved by the faith that these 3 women have in God and their prayers for each other and the offer to join them in prayer for you and your family for whatever you are facing. 


BG is also one of our valued members in The Power Affiliate Club and we couldn’t be happier when she decided to join in with us.  We have watched her grow and step out of her comfort zone a little more each day. Many other PAC members are getting to know Brenda and see the beautiful person she is and the great devotion she puts into her “gift.”  


Recently she began a video series called “Best Quote You Ever Wrote.” #BestQuoteYouEverWrote – Each day she creates a new video with a quote that was submitted by a friend, an associate or a contact. We look forward to her new videos every day.  


You can see them here >>> Best Quote You Ever Wrote Video Series 


You Can Find BG Online:

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Now you know a little bit about the great friend and associate I have in BG (Brenda) Jenkins.  




Leave a comment to say “Hi” to Brenda and don’t forget to visit her social sites.  Like, comment and share her wonderful work with others.