Because You Have A Book To Write

Does this statement apply to you? I think it applies to many people if they would really be honest with themselves. Think about it. Haven’t you had some thoughts and story lines running around in your head? I think you do “Because You Have A Book To Write.”


What is stopping you?

1. Maybe you lack the confidence.
2. Do you think to yourself, “Why would anyone want to read what I write?”
3. You wonder what you would write about.
4. What would you do after you wrote your book?
5. How would I get it published?


The Kindle version of my new book, “Secrets To Personal Writing For Digital and Paperback Books” is now available.

Table Of Contents

Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing
What Does Today Hold For You?
What Are You Thankful For and Why?
Earn and Learn At The Same Time
Wipe The Slate Clean
Decluttering Your Mind
Start Your Own Autobiography
Are You Making Excuses to Procrastinate?
About The Author – Monna Ellithorpe


Written for the new writer in mind. A short book, about 33 pages (Kindle version) with encouragement, writing prompts and resources to help you begin your writing career and finally, tips on self-publishing your book with my guidance, if you choose.


Also provided, is a link to 26 blank writing pages for you to write your notes or ideas on.


Each and every day is a new beginning for all of us. If you just look beyond the obvious, there are so many ideas, story lines, twists and turns to weave into the pages of a book.


Maybe you are more inclined to write instructional books on how to do things. Go with what you are good at and have become an expert about.


If you think that maybe one more book on a certain topic has been done already; that’s true but a book hasn’t been written by you yet, has it? You have a different perspective and different ideas for the way your story will read or a different way to give instructions… Just Do It!


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multi-star-transparentAs a little gift to you, I’m sharing the link here to the 26 blank journaling pages that you can print out and start using. No purchase is necessary to receive the blank pages.


Put the pages to good use with your thoughts and ideas and keep them safe for that day you actually do start writing, “Because You Have A Book To Write!”

Don’t forget to get your copy of;
Secrets To Personal Writing For Digital and Paperback Books