Be Yourself With Magnetic Messaging

I attended a webinar last night which I don’t do very much any more because they are often distracting and trying to lure you away from what your intended goals are and then you start again on the cycle of looking for something better or different (Shiny Object Syndrome). 


I’ve made it no secret I do not feel comfortable in front of the camera and because of that I know I am in a sort of holding pattern with my business. 

The first thing this morning, I thought, I want to share some of what I learned with my readers and maybe it will ease some of the anxiety and dread of being in front of a camera for them too. 


The speaker on this webinar was Dwayne Golden, Sr. and with his kind permission I am sharing some points he made in one of his videos.  


Do you know how it is sometimes when you find a person that just has a way about them that makes all of those “light bulbs” go off and you actually “GET IT?”


Well, I have found another one and Mr. Golden is that person. 


His main topic of the webinar last night was to “Be Yourself, No Matter What.”  It’s Called Magnetic Messaging.  It’s an easy enough statement but it is one of those things that I have yet to totally overcome and it prevents me from moving forward. I know there has to be many of you who feel the same way. 


I would like to try a little experiment and see if you will follow along. I know there are many who do make videos with no problems; you are also welcome to join in and say “Hi and give the rest of us some support and encouragement.”


The people who are like me and hate it; we are going to do it and get comfortable with it (making videos). 




So my challenge for you and myself too is to make a comment, along with a very short video and tell us something about you and why you hate to make videos (mine is in the post).


Everyone has to play fair and leave a comment and a video link. If you don’t leave both, sorry, I will have to delete if you leave a link only. 


I would like to share some of Dwayne’s words of wisdom:

  • Be yourself, no matter what
  • Go back to your childhood
  • Practice daily 
  • When you are yourself are the best. When you are being like someone else the best you can be is 2nd best You will like you more and attract more success


  • Remove all self consciousness 
  • Never speak unless you are going to connect 
  • Make your message clear 
  • Use compelling language and do not focus on “grammatical practical language”


  • Remember the purpose 
  • What’s important to the prospect 
  • Connect by using “all inclusive language” 
  • Have a call to action with specifics “time, click here, date, etc.”


Okay, the above bullet points are pretty much self explanatory and my

“Call to Action” is to:

  • Leave a comment below 
  • Leave a link to your short video with no edits at all.
  • And share this post with as many as you think would benefit from a small challenge like this.

[jwplayer mediaid=”6666″]


I am looking forward to the comments and videos received and let’s get these businesses up off of the ground and moving. If others can do it, so can WE! 


I am going to critique my own video. I had audio problems on the first one, so this is a second take but also with no editing other than to render for viewing. 


  • I need to smile more
  • I wish I could take my glasses off and read some notes as I talk but that ain’t happening.


arrow5-aNow, critique your own video in the comment section and mine too.


C’mon, give me some suggestions.








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