Backing Up Your WordPress Files

You hear it all of the time, “Make sure you backup your files.” You know it Backing_Up_Your_WordPress_Filesneeds to be done, but you have sort of a mindset of, “Ah, it won’t happen to me.” Wanna bet? I would like to tell you a story about “Backing Up Your WordPress Files.”  


I have always been adamant about backing up my blogs and any blogs I work on for clients. Some would probably think I obsess a little too much about backing up your WordPress files.


This past week we received a notice from our web hosting service that we had 7 days in which to clean up our files resting on their servers or risk our site files being removed. The email stated it appeared that we were using the hosting service for file storage which was against their “Terms of Service.”


So we get on the phone with our hosting company and what a shock we got when we found out the details of the problem we had and were causing.




It seems that when you use a backup plugin on WordPress, it saves a copy on the server. Also depending on how frequently you have it backing up, this may increase the files by daily, weekly, etc.


For example when I do a lot of work on a blog, I have a backup done every evening.


Now imagine you didn’t realize this and finally you log into your cPanel after receiving the notice and find backups dated as far back as 2012 (3 years of WordPress backup files). So we have spent the last few days transferring our largest site to another server and cleaning out the numerous backup files.


I thought I would share this story with you in case you are using a WordPress backup plugin. I am not saying any of them are bad, you just need to know how they work.


Do they delete any old backup files as new ones are added or do you have to do it manually? If you decide to use one of these plugins, make yourself a note to delete the old backups if needed.


Most hosting companies keep a backup file for you (usually every week) but they also give you the option in the cPanel to do a manual backup to your computer hard drive and then it is suggested that you put a copy on a cloud site.



I use DropBox now and have found it to be very easy to work with. They give you tons of storage.  You can check it out here;  DropBox Cloud Storage  (Aff – not monetary, just more storage space for me).


If you are not sure about backing up files or if your WordPress files are safe, maybe I can help >> Lets talk…



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