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Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable 6-29-2017

Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable 6-29-2017Hi to everyone.  I got a little off track in posting about how I’m doing on my weight loss journey.  I am still with it, staying on track with that and still losing. 

I’m averaging a 1-1/2 to 2 pound weight loss every week and sometimes a little more.  

The main thing is that I’m not gaining anything.  It keeps coming off and I’m down a full 26 pound loss since I 

started my Weight Loss Journey and I’m still having fun with it.

As I mentioned in my video above, I really believe using the Weight Watcher’s online points tracking system is behind my success in losing the weight this time. 

I’ve always said if I had someone to make the decisions for me, I’d only eat what’s put in front of me. Well, the WW point system is sort of like that. 

All you have to do is type in what you want to eat, check your points, let the software keep track and you’re good to go.

If you decide to take part in the new points system, don’t do like I did one day. I somehow got on another day and ended up adding two days worth of points on the same day.  What a mess that was to straighten out.  It wasn’t really that bad, since I pretty much have a menu that I like and it doesn’t vary too much but it was a shock to see the points doubled on that one day.

The best advice I can give anybody who is starting on a weight loss program is to:

  1.  Psych yourself up that you are going to do this.
  2.  You are going to feel better even after that first five pounds are gone.
  3.  You are doing this for yourself and no one else, although you may have reasons such as my goal is to lose 30 to 40 pounds by the end of August for my daughters wedding. I’m not doing it for her, although she’s happy about it, I’m doing it for “me.”
  4. There are going to be times when you slip or make a mistake or just plain give in to eating something you shouldn’t.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means, you will start again new the next day and forget about the mess up.  
  5. I’ve found for me that the best thing I decided to do was to make it public that I was going to lose the weight. It makes me think twice about having something I shouldn’t eat.  Again, I emphasize the importance of not doing this for others but for yourself and what works for you.


Surprisingly enough, there are so many different kinds of food that you can still eat on this weight loss program.  

For example, even though I’m on a diet, I still have to have my snacks.  The key is to find snacks that will satisfy your hunger but still stay within your points.

Quaker Popped Rice Crisp Snacks Gluten Free Cheddar CheeseInstead of regular potato chips, I found “Quaker Popped Rice Crisp Snacks, Gluten Free, Cheddar Cheese” and I absolutely love these.  They aren’t like the normal “rice cakes” you used to see that looked like hockey pucks and tasted like cardboard.  These are actually very good. There are quite a few different flavors but I really only like the cheddar cheese flavor. 

They are about the size of silver dollar coins and you can have 18 of these with very little points.

Another thing I couldn’t seem to bear the thought of giving up was my cappuccino in the mornings.  I was using a 16 ounce coffee cup and drinking two of those each morning and sometimes one in the afternoon. That was a lot of calories and carbs. 

So what I did was to start using my 8 ounce coffee cup that got from Ezine Articles and that cut everything in half, so I could still have my cappuccino.  

Hills Bros Sugar-free Double Mocha Cappuccino

This was still just a little high in points but I could still have it. I started looking to see if there was an alternative and found Hills Bros. Sugar-free Double Mocha Cappuccino.

This brand tastes just as good and they also have different flavors in regular and sugar-free.  

So, do you now see why I’m not having much of a problem with this diet?  I can still have some of my favorite things and I don’t feel like I’m being deprived or starved from my favorite things.

I already shared some other cool food that you probably wouldn’t think about in one of my earlier posts.  My earlier post was Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable 5/18/2017.

Hey, do you know anyone who could benefit from what I’ve shared here?  

Share it with them and I appreciate the time you took to read my rambling on about my weight loss journey. 

Monna Ellithorpe






Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable –
Topic  Weigh In and Staying Positive 5-18-2017


Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable 5-18-2017I am now at 42 days on the Weight Watchers Smart Points program (Non Aff.).  I got to thinking today that anyone being on a diet or a “lifestyle change” for a lengthy amount of time is going to have slip-ups every now and then. 

The key, in my opinion is to not lose your positivity about why you started this journey in the first place.  Did you start to better your health, to fulfill a promise you made to yourself or maybe just a challenge to see if you can do it?

In my Facebook Live video you will hear me tell everyone that I didn’t lose not even a half pound this past week but the positive side to this is that, “I did not gain any weight back either; not even half a pound.”  

That is still progress, in my way of thinking.  You slip up or mess up one day, it’s not over.  Don’t let the hard work you’ve already done go by the wayside and tell yourself “You can’t do this.”  

You can do this, you have or in my case, I have been doing it for 42 days and there is no reason to stop now.  

As we grow older it is harder to lose weight and of course we all know that men can seem to lose it without even trying at times.  It’s not about what anyone else can do or has done.  It’s about what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Never lose sight of the ultimate goal. 

I don’t like to cook, so most of my diet consists of something easy that I can stick in the microwave.  If you really try, you can find some pretty good meals in the frozen food section of your grocery store.  I especially like Lean Cuisine and have a few favorites that I buy each week.

I had no idea you could buy frozen foods from Amazon and even Walmart.  Walmart, I know that you can order and they will bring it out to you while you are waiting in the car but it says they will not ship.  Amazon, looks to be a little more expensive and I’m thinking probably because of the time and care to keep the food frozen until it arrives. But if you are in a bind and can’t get out to shop for yourself, this could be an option for you. 

These are a few of my favorites from Lean Cuisine.  These usually run around 8 or 9 points with the Weight Watcher’s Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) so you need to plan ahead if you are going to have one of these as your lunch or dinner. 

As I mentioned, Walmart does not ship food but you can pick it up at the store. USA, LLC

There are so many other things that I’ve tried. Some are pretty good, others not so good but that could just be my opinion. 


I really like the Crystal Light drinks but they do have quite a bit of preservatives and artificial sweeteners in them, so that would have to be a choice you would make on your own. I’ve decided to stop drinking them (fruit punch was my favorite) because it seems like I am having headaches.  So, you have to make your own choices but if you do decide to drink Crystal Light, in terms of flavor, the fruit punch is the best. 

Another of my snack favorites are the sugar-free puddings.  They also have Splenda in them but it’s not like you are drinking them all day long, like I was the Crystal Light, so I really don’t see much of a problem with these and they get you over that little bump in the road when you need something sweet.

So, as I sit here finishing this post, while eating my sugar-free dark chocolate Jell-O (t) pudding, I’m wishing everyone that is going through their own weight loss journey do well with it.  

Or maybe you haven’t yet gotten to the point where you’ve made that decision on your own that it’s time to do something about it; don’t be too hard on yourself.  You will know when the time is right for you to start your journey. 

Feel free to contact me if you are struggling with weight loss or thinking about starting your own journey because I’d like to give you some tips that I have found that helped me and maybe would also help you. 

If you found value in the post and know someone that could be helped by my words, please share and I thank you.

Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable

Have you had to struggle with weight loss at any time?  What has worked or not worked for you?  Every person is different, so what works for me may not work for someone else but you never know until we talk.  Leave your comments below.


ebates-logoOh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you do any amount of shopping online make sure to sign up for (Aff.) . There are so many stores and sites that participate with giving money back (varied percentage amounts) if you are signed up with them.  

I just received payment to my PayPal account a few days ago for $29.90 for purchases I’ve made and friends I’ve sent there to sign up.  


Take and look and see how many online stores Ebates is associated with (about 2,000) and some of them are giving up to 40% cash back on certain purchases.  It’s free, so why not check it out? 


Monna Ellithorpe







Weight Loss Journey – Day 33

Weight Loss Journey – Day 33


Weight Loss Journey - Day 33Good morning or afternoon wherever you are in the world. I hope today is a good one for you.  This is my Thursday update of my “Weight Loss Journey – Day 33.”  


I will be adding a Facebook Live later today announcing my success so far.  I haven’t kept up very well with my Facebook Live videos but “I AM” keeping myself accountable.


So be sure to watch  my show from my Facebook Page; Monna Ellithorpe / Author and Writer  I usually go live with my videos about 6:30 pm EST but if you can’t make it, there is always the replay. 


I know I repeat myself when I talk about the new Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) but it’s hard not to when you can truthfully say that you are having fun on this “diet.”  


Now, have you EVER heard anyone say that before?  I haven’t and I sure didn’t think I would ever be saying it.

Weight Loss Journey - Day 33 April-May-

As you can see from the calendars of April and May 2017, at 33 days on the program, I’m doing very well in terms of staying within my points range.  April 13th, I couldn’t eat everything I was supposed to eat, so no blue dot.  May 6th, I went a little bit over and used some of my weekly points (which they call wiggle room but I call them Wiggle Points) and no blue dot there either.  


You can still eat pretty much what you want to eat but you need to be honest with yourself and use your SmartPhone or the computer to look up the points of something you want to eat.  


Oh, and did I tell you that going to the grocery store is the most fun thing to do now.  Using your SmartPhone and the Weight Watchers phone app, you can scan the bar codes of the items you are considering buying and it will tell you how many points it is.  


I have a confession to make but it was and has been an honest mistake.  A few things I’ve scanned and decided it would fit into my daily plan, I did forget to read and see how many servings were in the package.  For example, today I had some tomato soup.  I scanned the bar code and it came up as 7 points which is a little high but I need to make another trip to the grocery store.  


I don’t know about you but I read labels a lot of times when I’m eating.  Wouldn’t you know that container held two servings instead of one?  I had already eaten most of it, so I will be going over my daily points today but not by much. I’ll just have a salad and a tangerine for dinner this evening.


That is a lesson learned and thinking back, I’m sure I’ve done that on a few other things, not realizing it but I’m still eating healthier and less than I was, so it all evens out.


I normally do a Facebook Live video at 6:30 pm EST on Thursdays to let everyone know how I’ve done the past week but for some reason by phone is not wanting to cooperate with the Facebook Live app.  I’ve tried multiple times with no success, so I’ll tell you my results here and hopefully I can figure out what the video problem is.


I’ve been on the Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) now for 34 days and I have lost a total of 15.5 pounds. The amount I lost over the past week is just 2 pounds but they tell me that is pretty normal and I am happy with that. 


Since I’ve kind of gotten off track with the FB Live not working right for me, I’ll publish this post and work on getting the technical problems worked out by next Thursday. 


Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable

If you have found my post interesting or informative, please feel free to share all around the internet.  Thanks


Monna Ellithorpe



Does Weight Watchers New Point System Work?

Does Weight Watchers New Point System Work?

Does Weight Watchers New Point System WorkMy answer to that question would be a resounding “YES,” when someone asks “Does Weight Watchers New Point System Work?”

I’m not exactly sure what they have done but whatever it is has turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

I’ve fought with my weight pretty much all of my life and now that I’m getting older and having dealt with grief, stress, depression, anxiety and problems sleeping all rolled in together, I’ve found myself weighing much more than I ever have in my life.

I had great success with a low carbohydrate diet years ago and I kept the weight off for many years but little by little it has gotten out of hand. I didn’t realize how “out of control” it had gotten until I actually had some time to look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw.

Does Weight Watchers New Point System WorkI decided it was time to lose the weight and I was trying to lose weight on my own but in one month I’d only lost 3.5 pounds. My daughter saw that I was serious but having a hard time, so she gave me a three month subscription to Weight Watchers Online (Non Aff.) as an early Mother’s Day present.

In the 28 days that I’ve been on the Weight Watchers program, I’ve lost 10 pounds, versus losing 3.5 pounds in a month on my own. That’s a great deal of difference in the amount of weight loss and a lifestyle change that I’m actually having fun with.

I’m down a total of 13.5 pounds and I couldn’t be happier. Even though 13.5 pounds is not a huge amount, it’s been enough to help with my breathing, overall, I feel much better and I am gaining a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence.

I highly recommend that you try the new Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) if you need to loose weight and you hate the hassle of counting calories or carbohydrates or any of the other old fashioned chores associated with being on a diet, then just do it.

I do Facebook Live videos most every evening at 6:30 pm EDT. You can find my videos on my Facebook Fan Page here >>>  Monna Ellithorpe / Author and Writer   Thursdays are my days to weigh-in and see how well I’ve done over the weekend.

Does Weight Watchers New Point System WorkThe other days of the week, I will mention how things are going with my “Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable” but my main topic the rest of the week will be focused on writing and encouraging new or beginning writers and even experienced writers to move ahead with their dream of writing a book, short stories, articles, poems or screenplays.

Even if none of those are your goals, our writing group on Facebook; “Create Yourself Through Writing”  will also help you as a blogger. Bloggers are writers too. Someone told me one time when I asked if they wrote. They answered me, “I’m not a writer but I am a blogger.” LOL, I’ve got news for you; blogging is writing.

Join me here on my blog on Thursday afternoons for my “Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable” Facebook Live videos and a new post here, also on Thursdays or Fridays.

I started my “Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable on 4/6/2017.

You can read about that here >>> Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable

If you have found value and enjoyed this post, please feel free to share on your social sites.
Have a great weekend.


Monna Ellithorpe


Does Weight Watchers New Point System Work?


Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical ReviewI’d like to give you my thoughts of the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review exercise bike. While I’m not a big fan of exercising, I do know that you need to exercise as you are losing weight to keep your muscles and skin toned. No one wants to have extra skin hanging around after they’ve worked so hard to lose the weight.


I’ve had this about a year and I will admit I haven’t used it a lot. But now that I’m on my Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable, I moved it out of the spare bedroom and put it near my computer so it’s always there to remind me to use it.


I haven’t been able to do a great deal of exercise yet because I have put on so much weight in the past few years but each time, I try to do a little bit more.


Okay, so now for my Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review itself. I bought it from Amazon and it was received in just a few days. The box was so heavy. I thought to myself, “There is no way I’ll be able to put this thing together on my own.” But I am stubborn, so I started working on it.


Once I removed it from the box, the pieces were not that heavy. The total weight in the shipping box was.


  • Each part was labeled clearly to match up with the directions for assembly.
  • We have hard wood floors, so I used a couple of rugs to protect the floor. Turns out I didn’t really need them. I found no rough edges anywhere on the machine while putting it together.
  • Be careful when getting off of the machine. The foot pieces can scrape your legs if you get off on the wrong side. “Yes,” I didn’t pay attention and have what seems to be a permanent bruise on my inner right calf area.
  • I had more problems putting the LCD display together than I did the whole bike but that’s just me.



As of this date 5/1/2017, it is on sale. Check the current price here. 

This bike seems to be a favorite among many people who have bought it with over 39% @ 5 star reviews.


As always there are going to be some people who are not happy with a product. This percentage was way lower than the ones who gave it 5 stars.


It seems to me that most were unhappy because it needed to be maintained at times which every machine should be looked after, such as tightening bolts, screws, etc. over time and more if used a lot.


Please keep in mind that I am not one to exercise regularly and I wasn’t looking for a high end machine for vigorous daily workouts. I’m too old for that. LOL


If you are looking for something that can withstand a higher weight capacity; this has a limit of 220 pounds. This may not be what you are looking for.

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

If you are looking for an elliptical bike that has a higher weight capacity, then you might want to look at;

 As for the ease and operation of this bike, I’ve found no problems and do not have any complaints about it.


I don’t hear any loud noises when I’m doing my exercise with it. The resistance mechanism works well and I hope to increase it little by little.


Moving this elliptical bike is so easy. See the photo below. I’ve circled the front area and the red arrows are pointing to wheels on the front bottom bar of the bike. Tilt it so it is resting on the wheels and move it anywhere you need to.

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

I see there are a few options of buying a used or reconditioned bike but you may want to think about that. For a few dollars more you will have a brand new bike.


My overall review and opinion of this product is 5 stars.


It has the features I believe a beginner would need and want without taking up too much space and easily movable if needed.


Here in Florida its just way too hot to exercise outside, so this is perfect to put in any room of your house and exercise in comfort.


I would highly recommend this Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical bike to anyone for a low intensity, just beginning workout stage.

Click here to get this elliptical bike for yourself.

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review

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