Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of Readers?

Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of Readers

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Starting with the new year of 2014, everyone has it on their minds to focus more on their business.  

We have replaced the word “Goals” which seems to place more pressure on all of us with the more friendly word “Intentions” for 2014 that will achieve the same results. 
I have joined a couple of Facebook groups which I love for the support and to help with my own accountability in getting my “Intentions” done through the day, as well as give support to the other members. 
In the last week or so I have read quite a few more blogs than I ever have and I am not pointing to any one particular blog but there are quite a few that I have noticed who could be losing readers because of one simple task they are not doing; either because they don’t know about it or it’s been overlooked. 
Google DOES read the file names of your pictures and/or images in your blog posts.  While Google is more intent on looking for content now days, naming your image something relevant to your post will help when people are searching. 
Most of the time when you hover over an image, you are going to see the file name, so when you see the word; image; IMG_0004; pictures2-8-2012 010; iphone pictures 4-22-2013 014; 023 or file7611244372180; while it may help you with identifying your photos, your readers are NOT going to be impressed.  
They would much rather see a name explaining what the picture is about or a name with some relation to the content in the post.
As with my picture I have added above, it’s not exactly what I wanted for this post but if you hover over it, you will see that it is named the same as my post title. 
Another thing you should make a point to do; see the picture below; 
Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of Readers
1.  TITLE:  When you add the picture to your media section of WordPress it will show the file name you have given to the picture. 
2.  CAPTION:  I usually put the photo credit here. If it’s my own photo, I don’t put anything here. 
3.  ALIGNMENT:  This is to put the picture where you want it positioned in the blog post. 
4.  LINK TO:  You do not have to link the picture to anything and it is preferable not to link to anything unless you want people to click to something else for another reason. 
So I hope this little tip will help you to understand that taking a few extra minutes to pay attention to your file names on your photos will also help your blog to be found easier.  It’s also one more search addition to your blog, whether it’s from Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines.

Writing Prompt:  

Running to the bathroom, a man dressed as a clown trips and falls.  Powered By: Writing.Com

If this is not a good prompt for you, then save it for another time.
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