My Mission

My Mission


mle-my-missionMonna Ellithorpe – Blue Jean Writer.  I Am a published author and writer of mostly self help books and reports and guides with my first novel in the works.  I Intend For My Blog To Become;

  • A place where you can come to learn and be a little different than everyone else on the internet trying to make money.  If you need a place to share something with others or just a friend to talk to; leave a message and/or a comment. 
  • You may want or need to earn some extra money on the internet.  I will provide my honest opinions and suggestions of what I am working with and what works for me. Keeping you updated and helping you to succeed is another of my goals.       You can be your own “STAR” in any way you decide.
  • Short video tutorials and information on how to use free software such as Photoscape and Gimp (both can be used for digital drawing and/or painting), along with other types of software to make your life online easier.
  • For relaxation and everyone does need to relax:  Learn something new or resurrect an old hobby like writing, painting, drawing, photography, etc.  

Why am I doing this?  There are many people out there going thru many trials in their lives and they have no one to turn to, no way to even think they can survive what they are experiencing and sometimes see no future for themselves after this transition.  I want to provide a place for these people to come to as sort of a way to repay or “pay it forward” if you will, all of the people who were there for me when I was at the lowest point in my life.

What you can expect from me… Good sound online business information for writing and marketing your published books, a shoulder to cry on, a kick in the rear if you need it, ideas to help you get back on your feet and most of all friendship, inspiration and encouragement.