photography2Photography:  There are many ways to take pictures from a child’s toy first camera to a disposable camera, to a middle of the road priced digital camera to the more expensive professional cameras that has so many gadgets and doo-dads that come with them or accessories to buy that you may sometimes wonder if dragging all of that equipment around with you is worth it.

Myself, I use my iPhone and a Canon PowerShot A490 digital camera.  I have either one or both with me at all times and take pictures all of the time, along with some videos with the PowerShot.

I don’t claim to be a professional photographer but I like to take pictures and I like to see what kinds of shots I can get, so I usually take more than 1 or 2 and move around the object, if I can.


Photography can be the same as any other stress reliever or hobby that you enjoy doing.  Some of my pictures you will see on this blog and in the  group will consist of sometimes nothing but a door knob because it was in front of me at the time.  What will I do with the photo?  Maybe nothing, maybe make it available for others to use.  It doesn’t matter.  I enjoy taking photos of  “stuff.”

I will show you how to work with a free photo editing program called Photoscape.  You can do some amazing things with your pictures like adding lights, glares, shadows and re-sizing to whatever size you need.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, cost a lot or be complicated.  You Just Have to Enjoy What You Are Doing and Share in the Forum.

Take photos of;  Nature… Still Life… People… Things… Places… Whatever you want to take a photo of.

Your photos on this blog or in the group are YOURS to keep.  This site, the owner, nor any member will not claim any rights to them.  You may publish on this site, in the forum or remove as you want.  I am just giving you a place to test the waters and see what form of photography that you enjoy and are best at doing.  Remember, it takes time and can be relaxing if you let it.

As the site grows and the forum grows there will be contests, photo challenges and photo prompts to help you out.

You are welcomed with open arms to join the “Creative Arts For Stress Relief” group on Facebook by signing up below and you will receive an email with the instructions to create your Autobiography Page.

Please read the rules of the forum and abide by those rules. It is meant as a creative outlet JUST FOR YOU…



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