painting3Again, pretty much the same for painting; I used to think that painting was a God-given talent that you were either born with or you were born without. There are different mediums to work with; Water colors, Oil and Acrylic. There are so many different styles of painting;

Abstract Painting,
Still Life,
Symbolism and
Real Life Painting.

Doodling or just applying the pain “at will” without a purpose in mind can also become a painting.  It can be what ever you see in your minds eye.

Painting is another great stress reliever and also is a part of my new group on Facebook – “Creative Arts For Stress Relief”

There are many painting kits on the market and don’t let anyone tell you that “paint by number” cannot be considered painting or art.  While it may be considered cheating by some people, the idea of this blog and group is to create what you are interested in to relieve your stress.  If you don’t want the hassle of painting freehand, then by all means use paint by number.

Did you know that you can paint on the computer using a free photo editor called GIMP?  Well, You can and I have some videos to share that will show you how.

Your painting on this blog or in the group are YOURS to keep.  This site, the owner, nor any member will not claim any rights to them.  You may publish on this site, in the forum or remove as you want.  I am just giving you a place to test the waters and see what form of painting that you enjoy and are best at doing.  Remember, it takes time and can be relaxing if you let it.

As the site grows and the group grows, there will be contests, painting challenges and painting prompts to help you out.

You are more than welcome to join the “Creative Arts For Stress Relief” group on Facebook by signing up below and you will receive an email on how to proceed creating your Autobiography Page.

Please read the rules of the forum and abide by those rules. It is meant as a creative outlet JUST FOR YOU…


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